Why bobblehead and geeky?

Monoxide turned to these two morons to help him bully people who had decided to leave MMAC. I guess monoxide thinks of himself as a low-rent hillbilly Don Corleone and anyone who leaves must be virtually assassinated.

It was a brilliant move actually. He got two stupid people he hates to fight against other people he hates. Masterful.

Bobble and Geeky were happy to help him. They went out on the world wide webz and created a bunch of illiterate blogs to try to intimidate the author of this blog, but it didnt work because the targets they chose were the wrong targets, which was very effing funny.

Then they decided to start ridiculing peoples physical appearances, occupations, parenting skills, and they insinuated that their targets had criminal histories, which as Ive proven, was the utmost of hypocrisy, considering their own physical appearances, lack of occupations, inability to parent properly, and as I will continue to show, the fact that two of the people involved in this bullying have embarrassing criminal histories that are out there in cyberland for anyone to see. Purse snatching from little old ladies. Dude thats both disgusting and pitiful.

Everything at this blog is publicly available on the net to anyone who has a few minutes to search and an IQ above 100, and the two "guess who" posts came straight from Bobble and Geeky's own words.

Don't believe me?

Check out a few of my sources (and then ponder what kind of idiots put that much personally identifying info about themselves out on the net):

  • www.justmommies.com (gobs of stuff here. names, locations, hairy, no teeth, too much, really)
  • www.reunion.com/kyblondie83
  • http://facial-neuralgia.org/support/recentstories07.html
  • http://www.geocities.com/Baja/Desert/2370/tabatha.html
  • http://www.askdanandjennifer.com/forums/relationship-advice/326-how-can-you-fix-someone-else.html
  • http://www.blogtv.com/People/bradmullins007
  • Theres more, but Im keeping it in my hip pocket for now.

I had no reason to post the information on these people until they decided to take monoxides battle as their own and target innocent people. When they bow out gracefully, take down their blogs targeting innocent people, promise to do no more, and walk away from MMAC, I might consider removing the squirrel NOM NOM NOM photo as well as the fat Tabz photos. I might adjust my focus back to monoxide only.

Im making this offer because Im a nice person not because I have to. Blogger has no problem with my posts because I dont break laws and i dont post phone numbers and tell my readers to harrass the subjects of my blog. Law enforcement will laugh you off because i can show them where your clan was the first to post the squirrel photo on the internet in a public place and I have links and screen caps to support everything Ive posted on here. Your silly baaaawing that people are calling you Tabz, you do realize that if you make that complaint law enforcement will check your phone records and youll look even more like a drama-seeking retard. But go ahead dont let me stop you.

Bobblehead and Geeky took up a battle against people who left MMAC that wasnt even theirs to fight. They just like feeling important I guess cause it takes them away from their own pathetic lives. They tried to intimidate people who stood up against racism and other offensive matter at MMAC. They failed. Epically.

Heres whats most humorous, Bobble and Geeky. Monoxide hates both of you and he always has. Monoxide is the one who found geeky's myspace and passed it around MMAC, laughing at how fat geeky is. Monoxide also called bobblehead a dumb c***. Right now, he's enjoying the shit out of watching you two morons fight people, because you were so easy to manipulate into doing this.

You claim that your biggest complaint against this blog is the squirrel photo. You want it taken down. If you mean that, and youre not just using it as a pity tool, then take down the blogs you both put up, and walk away from MMAC. When I see you've done that, the squirrel photo will disappear, along with the fat bobblehead photos. I've given you an out now thus neutralizing your chief complaint.

Until I see dead urls and an absense of your participation at MMAC, I'm steaming ahead as usual.

And bobble, dont try to comfort yourself by rationalizing that only a few people read this blog. As of now, in less than two weeks, we've got over 20,000 hits. We're getting over 1,000 unique viewers a day. The stat counter bears this out. For some reason that I cant explain this blog has developed a wide readership. Maybe its my humorous satire. I like blogging. I had never done this before so I think Ill keep going for awhile. Thanks readers.

On another topic. To the people who keep commenting that I should "expose" ChloroformCasey: i could if I wanted to. But CC left MMAC without making a big drama show, and she hasnt attacked any of the other people that left that I know of. She hasnt betrayed the confidence of her former bffs at MMAC that I know of. If you've got proof otherwise, send it on.

To my readers, check back soon. Ive got a couple more in-box nuggets from yesterday that Ill share sometime this morning.

Pic related - its my next topic:


Anonymous said...

please let the hint pix mean that you have a mugshot of gEEKy.

Monoxide411 said...


Anonymous said...

Bobble said this at MMAC
The wise decision is not to post foolish comments in regards to this situation that involves me or my child unless you plan on getting involved in the solution."

Yeah, I will get involved by calling DHS on your ass! Letting your child play with dead animal blood is dangerous! She is also VERY OBESE!! Thats child abuse as well!!

You have a new AVI there, hon, that aint you! and if it is, its a VERY OLD picture!!


What seems amazing to me is that the people that are left here seem up in arms all of a sudden about 411, and Bobble and the kids pic being on the net.
Nobody can steal pics from the net, if they are NOT already on the net, she had these pics up for all to see, nobody endangered her child, except maybe bobble herself, and none of these people were bothered by talk of SBD's daughter involving sexual acts, nope the engaged it and LULZ'd about it. It's okay I guess because it's SBD right? His daughter, a child that is not worthy of protection simply because you don't like her Dad, it was A-Okay for her personal info to be posted, okay to talk about sexual acts involving the poor child.
Talk about hypocrisy.
Oh the sleuthing and antisemitic remarks about Bay, that's okay too. After all Bay was always hurting people right?....what did Bay do, I mean besides being Jewish, or was that enough to open her up to all of the sleuthing and blogging? It's just the Internet..right? So why the cyberbullying blog? Seems everything was started here, tolerated here, encouraged here, LULZ'd all to hell right HERE. Yes, hypocrisy at it's best.

I guess it's also okay that Brooke was slammed with racist comments too.
It's okay that her hat was used in the most offensive way,put on your white hoods and rock the hate, after all it's only the Internet.
And then there is Quick, who donated money to keep this place going, and was told her info wouldn't EVER be used or disclosed, but it was and I guess that's okay too, I wonder how many other who donated will be blogged about, and harassed by phone, but who cares right? It's just the Internet.

So again, what's with the cyberbullying blog, it's only the internet, we all know the Internet is a fantasy land, there are NO laws, none! It's okay to talk about raping a child, it's okay to call people in the middle of the night to harass them at home (you see even though you are at home it started on the net so it's OKAY and normal) Racism is okay too, especially on the net.
It's all the LULZ, and it's ONLY okay when it's someone else. MMAc is the only group allowed to do these things, and those who fight back are crazy and out of line, and they shouldn't defend themselves or even try. Because when they do, it's a crime, and dangerous.
Again, wait for it.......hypocrisy!

But the thing is, you see it's NOT just the Internet when you talk about sex with children, posting their home address and phone number, then it becomes real life, and correct me here but I didn't see bobble's addy on the blog, nor did I see a phone number to her home. But again, this thread is about hypocrisy, so someone got it right.
The people here are a bunch of hood wearing, swastika loving imbeciles, who are no doubt wanna be pedophiles and Internet terrorist, and the biggest cry babies when the shoe is on the other foot.

Anonymous said...

Amen Anon! Gobblehead and Cheeky should step back. This wasn't their fight. Gobblehead was clueless when the racism and incest bedtime story came out. Yet, she's thrown herself into this fight, so therefore she's fair game as far as I am concerned.

Gobblehead and Cheeky were laughed at in chat several times, Mono discussed what a slob he was. They are two dumb pawns in Mono's game. Best they bow out now, it's gonna get even better.

Hollyholy said...

Bobbledork and Geekwad are two of THE most retarded imbeciles I've ever had the displeasure of encountering on the interwebs, with the exception of Monoxide.

I suggest they put there dunce caps and and agree to capitulate.

Anonymous said...

MMAC was fun, but most of us with any decency are gone after seeing what has been done to SBD's daughter. That has nothing to do with freedom of speech, or censorship. If nothing else done or said there offended you, I have no problem with that. We all have limits. Some of us drew the line at the rascism and bigotry, not to mention harrassment of members. We all have boundaries, right? However, threatening children with sexual violence trumps everything.

Shut up about the pic of your baby and the squirrel already dingbat. You put it up on a public photo site! WTF? Why would you even in some way think that was appropriate? You are so proud of it as to post a heading of "Daddy's future hunter."

All that baawwwing over there about that pic, and how "children shouldn't be targets." Again, WTF? Can you people not read! Hillbillys fall down go boom! Read the thread about SBD's daughter. Or get someone to read it to you if it is too hard. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

CC needs to be outed. She was and in the thick of all of this.

Anonymous said...

I agree Anon 2:52,

CC was right next to Mono the whole time and she was very proud of herself. I just don't understand that she is forgiven for her role in calling ppl in the middle of the night, not to mention her pretending to be someone else when Mono had her call the police on Murt.

It was all about the Lulz for CC. She lied to a lot of ppl. And now because she walked away from MMA she gets away with everything that she did to others.


All is fair on the net I suppose.

Anonymous said...

So CC bolted from MMAC as soon as she realized you guys have more balls than Mono? Talk about being a hypocrite. She was one of the biggest supporters of Mono and the lulz. Her MMAC profile proudly displays her occupation as "Mono's little spam monster and revenge artist extrodinaire [sic]". When the kitchen got hot she high-tailed her ass out of there. Not so proud now CC? Pathetic.

Anonymous said...

Leave CC out of it. Although I fucking cannot stand monoxide's hood wearing ass I have zero problems with CC. She never did anything to me.

CC has no idea that Mono used to troll her as "britfag" at times and she would be hurt to know that. It's the absolute truth. He has said the most horrible things about her to other members and she considers him her friend.

If CC was ever outed on this blog I would be pissed off. She hasn't hurt anyone that has left. People just dont like her because they dont like Monoxide. I can and do seperate the two.


Anonymous said...

And one other thing.

Geeky and Bobble:

You are a Kentucky Fried MESS and the next time you decide to "blog" turn on your spell check if you cant handle four letter words.

Its "make ends meet" not "make ends meat" omfg.

In addition, try to get your information right....domestic disputes? LMFAO. I have never been in a court of law in NYC in the 9 years I have lived here so that is a big fat FAIL!.

And finally, if I were a waitress I certainly would not be serving road kill or giving it to my children as a fucking chew toy.

I have never done a thing to either of you so have proof before you target innocent people you fucking redneck disaster.


Anonymous said...

CC may not have done anything to YOU, but she certainly has to others. Don't kid yourself, she is just as guilty as Mono.

Anonymous said...

This really is hilarious and that purse snatcher pic is the BEST!!! hahahahahahahahahahahaha

Anonymous said...

CC is WORSE than Mono. At least Mono is smart (I use the term loosely here) he let's the skanks and wannabe's do all the work while he sits back and accepts the LOLZ.

She neglects her kid for this nonsense? Doesn't make sense to me.