Let's play a game of "guess who"

I'll post some deets about the person, and you get to guess. As soon as you get it right, I'll move on to another person.

Ok. Guess who I am:

I live in Kentucky and am a bible-thumpin songbird and believer in the lord. As a borned again believer, it's my duty to spread the word of god to all unbelievers. I don't judge people, but I tell them that god will judge them and send them to the fiery lake of hell.

When I was a child, I was an unpopular fatty. I got out of school and I lost 70 pounds (I was a real huge fatty). I had black teeth as a baby and they all crumbled out of my mouth, which isn't very uncommon for eastern Kentucky. Hey, Kentuckians are just now learning that dental carries can be caused by letting the baby fall to sleep nursin' a bottle full of Mountain Dew. Wish my mom would have known that!

I am only 25, but I only have a few teeth in my head. I've had to have those suckers pulled 3 at a time! When you see my photos all over the internet, have you ever noticed that I'm not smiling--ever? That's because I am ashamed of my smile, with so many missing teeth. I even get the sunken lips thing in my photos now, but I try to suck in my cheeks so no one will notice.

I claim that my bad oral health causes a neurological problem so that I can go to the dentist and get pills (the doctors won't even prescribe narcotics/opiods to me anymore, dammit). I get really angry when the dentist won't give me pills, so he just refers me off to another dentist. One damn dentist tried to give me Tramadol for this awful mouth pain once, but I told him I wanted Lorcets! What kind of dentists do that? The nerve!

I love pills. I love them so much that once took them while pregnant, even though the nurse told me not to. I rationalized that away as her not wanting to tell me I could while I was on the phone with her, 'cause you know, liability and all. I also smoked while I was pregnant. Well, that pregnancy didn't end so well! After a couple more attempts, I finally realized that the reason that the bun wouldn't stay in the oven is because I smoked while I was preggers. And the pain pill thing. And the bulimia (yes, I forced myself to vomit while I was pregnant). SILLY ME!

I had some tests done on me while I was in the motherly condition, and those tests said something about Trisomy 18. I dunno what that is, so if someone could explain that?

So I finally stopped smoking. Then the weight came back. Those photos I post of me all over the internet, you know, especially the profile torso with the star tattoos? That's definitely NOT me. LOL. But it turns guys on, so I use it and let them think it's me. And those photos of me doing the myspace cocked head pose - those are old. I posted a new photo recently - I tried to crop out my body and face, but you can still see that even my forearms have cellulite and my cheeks are swollen with fat.

I don't realize my own hypocrisy; I hope that's not a sin. I believe that drinking alcohol in any amount is a sin, yet I love me some pills and cigarettes! And my favorite place to post these days on the internet is a website that thinks child porn is funny. I hope DHS doesn't find out, because I don't want anyone to took my baby from me (especially for letting her suck on a bloody dead squirrel!). I also think that premarital sex is a sin, yet I live with my boyfriend. Go figger?!

Now here's something any potential suitor should know about me: I am very hairy for a woman. I have long chin hairs and have to shave every day. I think it's called hursuitness or something like that. I also have skin problem that causes me to look like I have big cigarette burns all over my legs. I've had this since I was a child, and it looks like ringworms. It's very gross. I can't even wear shorts because of it.

Also, I pretty much keep a yeast infection 24/7/365. My discharge down there is smelly, to say the least. Across the taint, there's some problems, too. I only poop about twice a week (I wonder if it has anything to do with the pain pills?). I did make massive turds daily while I was pregnant, though. Ahhh the good ol' days.

I also admit that I haven't been a very good mother, and it's mostly because of the pain pills. My parents basically had to raise my child because all I want to do is sleep all day while on the pain meds. I lost my job at Head Start because of this. The teacher I assisted and my co-workers hated me because they had to take up my slack. My husband divorced me because all I did was lay around stoned on Tramadol, and on his only day off work he had to clean the house.

I guess I did put a lot of stress on my husband - he got busted for public intoxication. Imagine how embarrassing that was for his daddy, who's a preacherman!

Some people say that I ain't right in the head. I guess that could be true. I took Paxil until I was eighteen, but then stopped cold turkey, and since then I've relied on the lord to warsh away my depression and stuff. That doesn't always work so well, though. The lord can make the blue funk go away, but only the Lorcets can handle the pain, if'n you know what I mean!

Like alot of people around here, I had my baby on Medicaid and I feed her AND me with WIC. I maxed out 3 credit cards paying for doctor visits for my pill seeking expeditions, too. Drove my husband to bankruptcy. I'm definitely a winner. Who would want me, except for some obese native-born Kentucky unemployable purse-snatching convict who's currently on probation?

Ok. So now that I've described myself, let me show you a few photos that are pretty close to how I look now. That's my engagement photo of me and the husband who filed for divorce against me. But I don't post full-body shots--ever, even back when I was thinner because of my figure below the neckline. It ain't purty!

These were a couple years before the one above:

Blog editor here. Because this Hawgzelda's boyfriend insists on threatening me through his retard comments, here's the squirrel photo again. NOM NOM NOM!!

This pic unrelated, sort of:


Anonymous said...

I thought she had tiny braids at 1st but after doing a double take I realized its witch broom ear rings. She is rockin the frosty gloss too. Wonder where she keeps her spittoon?

Anonymous said...

I always knew she was fat. You could tell because she always does the myspace sideways looking up fatgirl pose.

Anonymous said...

She ought not to the sideways thing. That girl has got a huge nose. I wonder if she Veets her hairy chin instead of shaving these days.

Anonymous said...

How do people live like this?

Filthy and ignorant is not an attractive combination.

I would kill myself.

Also - is gEEky Bradley Mullins? or is BM just another dude desperate enough to bang that bus?

Anonymous said...

OMG..is that Tabatha Hughes Shepherd?

I used to go to school with her. She's as skanky looking was she was back then.

Anonymous said...

Yes, Geeky is Bradley Mullins. He and his wife Brandi were arrested for purse snatching. Low lifes


Well, better late then never, I suppose. I would hope that all of those of you out there, SBD being one of them, would finally come clean and post that my accusations against MONO were actually true.

All of the accusations against me were based on the lies told by MONO and his supporters.

His pranks and those by his friends have caused a great deal of damage to me and my businesses.

What has been written in this blog, so far, is just a drop in the bucket if what I have seen in the massive amounts of e-mails and pm-s that I have been getting over the last two months.

If there are any more of you out there that know about what has been going on, it is time to come clean.

SBD, you once defended MONO against my accusations against him. Now that you know the truth, what do you have to say?


Hollyholy said...

Well now. I shore did have to put my thinking cap on before seeing the photos, and darn-tooting, I done guessed right. You'd thank that someone with so many afflictions wouldn't want to bring no young 'uns into this world, but hell, if there's government money and cheese involved, it's just too darn a temptin' to pass up. No wonder the baby is soooooooooo large.

Have a nice day and y'all come back now, ya hear?

Hollyholy said...

Lawdy be. Her ex-hubby looks that that banjo strumming kid from Deeliverance, all growed up.

Anonymous said...

Hey Murt - this is not about you.

And stating "All of the accusations against me were based on the lies told by MONO and his supporters." is a bit of a stretch.

Many of the accusations against you were from other sources besides mono, and many of them are true.

Nice try.

Anonymous said...

Who wants the sex tape starring Tabatha Hughes Shepherd?

I'll start the bidding at $2.00 and cap it at $9.99 because that's all it's worth

Anonymous said...

Seriously Murt. This ISNT about you. Many, many accusations against you proved true.

Anonymous said...


No matter what Mono and his bitches have done, YOU are still the biggest dick!

Go beg for donations.

Anonymous said...


Would it be possible for you to write up a Who's Who?

It would make it a lot easier for some of us who've ignored these people for the last months to catch up.

Anonymous said...

so basically when she chose the screenname "Bobblehead", she wasn't really kidding?

Level Head said...

Be kind to Murt guys. I am the one who sent him the link here and we don't want to chase him off. This is no place to bash each other. We are all after the same goal. To stop Josh Melton's internet terrorism. We all have that in common. We will all do better to unite in this. What Josh has done to Murt and SBD is unexeptable.

Murt, Many people have risked alot to bring this to light. They knew Josh had personal info that he could blackmail them with , yet they were brave enough to come forward.

This is no place for forum wars or bashing. We all need to stay focused on the goal. Bring Josh Melton down.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody explain the squirrel story picture, and how this baby got ahold of it? Thanks!


So easy to hide behind the ANON names. Most of the crap against me have been going on for almost 3 years.

If ANY of the accusations against me were true, I would have been in jail years ago.

You also need to read THIS blog. Most of what is in here, in fact, has to do with me.

Quit being cowards and hiding behind the ANON posts. Time to put up or shut up. I am not the one hiding here.


Anonymous said...

OMG..this is hilarious!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Murt Murt Murt,

You need some help man. This is not about YOU and you have no way been vindicated. You are a con man. And no matter what Mono is (an asshole) you are STILL a con man.

Anonymous said...

Murt Murt Murt

Just because Mono is guilty, that does not make you innocent!!! Come on out and prove what has been said about you and your cons are lies.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

so basically when she chose the screenname "Bobblehead", she wasn't really kidding?


HAHAHA! More like Gobblehead!

A_ShortBus_Lover said...

OMG why is it not surprising Murt would show up here playing his it's all about me card?

Murt here's a clue for you. Although many don't like Mono and what he does, this has nothing to do about YOU!

What has been said about you has been proven many times over. If you want to dispute the claims made about you, head on over to BH and take Princess up on her offer to clear your name with PROOF that what has been said about you is wrong.

Isn't there a tire or something you need? Go back to Tardville and whine to your pathetic little group and keep on defending child molesters.

Honey said...

LMAO! Now they are mad, aweee!
do unto others, it's not that hard.
That kid could get rabies from the squirrel, what kind of parent give a baby a dead squirrel?

Anonymous said...

Murt, does it always have to be about YOU? What a fucking moron!

Brit said...

Why is everyone anons?
Anon @ 10.51am who are you? Lol
Just Sayin.....

Murt Murt Murt, you are still a piece of shit whichever way you look at it so stfu!.

I don't know who bubblehead is.. wasn't on the forum long enough to get to know thank fuck!, but i don't judge on appearance anyway.

CC (cunt cunt) needs to take care of her child instead of spamming around the net like she's some kind of spamwhore.

Read lil CC a book , bake some cookies go to the park and feed the ducks hell even feed her for more than 10 minutes, do something worthwhile unlike you sitting on the net 16 hours a day lazy fat arse bitch
Denora stats don't lie.... you were the most prolific chat monotard.

I don't sleuth (got no time )but if i did i'd report you to child protection.

JG (won't post full name) aka ukmod/ gregazz ..sunderland police have been informed of UK data protection laws. Expect a visit porkchop!

Joshua aka Monoxide. I have no words...

Anonymous said...

You sure about the songbird part?More like a screeching loon.


Murt maybe another place and time I might but right now this is not about just you or me, this is about all the people that have ever been infected with "Mono!" This guy really needs to be stopped and like I said, if all of us band together and show this wanna be thug that he has met his match then we can put a stop to this fool. Its now becoming part of my daily routine to make sure this idiot "Monoxide" is exposed for the coward he really is. I still say that I believe he is scaring people into being his friend and if you stray too far then this lil idiot gets worried. He wants to play with us big kids the he shall have to learn how the game is really played. This is a wonderful blog and I love it. Its time to rid the world of this kind of scum! Great work here.

Monoxide411 said...

The story about the squirrel. The baby was on a public album with many more photos of dead squirrels. This was the least offensive of the dozen or so photos of her holding dead squirrels. There was a pile of dead squirrels in one photo laying by her. The photo caption said "Daddys furtur hunting buddy." I shit you not.

Anonymous said...

What the hell is "furtur" even supposed to mean? I mean, come on, it should at least be phonetically determinable.

A_ShortBus_Lover said...

Blogger Monoxide411 said...

The story about the squirrel. The baby was on a public album with many more photos of dead squirrels. This was the least offensive of the dozen or so photos of her holding dead squirrels. There was a pile of dead squirrels in one photo laying by her. The photo caption said "Daddys furtur hunting buddy." I shit you not


You just can't make this shit up! LOL

Daily no anonymous said...

Murt, Shortbusdude is right in what he said, There is another time and place. We are all united in bringing this guy down. As far as the anonymous people, they are afraid for their families. That shouldn't be to hard to understand.You can either fight this battle with us, or by yourself, your choice.

Monoxide411 said...

To Murt:

I appreciate the comment you just left but I didnt approve it. Im not posting any comments that solicit people to contact them. If you want to cooperate with me then you need to email me and tell me what you have. My email address is on the blog front page. I hope you understand.

Anonymous said...

That baby of hers looks like a sumo wrestler.
Fat parents usually have fat kids and that's sad.

How can she be proud of her daughter holding a bloody squirrel?!
And how did she get preggers anyway? I don't think even a blind man would tap that!

She probably inseminated herself!


If she were walking down the street I would scream

Anonymous said...

Murt. as usual you have to stick your nose where it is not wanted nor needed. Right now you are on your soap box blaming Mono and he definitely deserves it, but tomorrow you will be accusing BH, ICB, WS or the little green men who constantly accuse you of bumming, conning, begging and being a thief. Go back home to your murtpile Murt...you are only welcome there.

Anonymous said...

That pic of her daughter disturbs me. Doesn't she know Squirrels are tree rodents invested with disease??? I mean, the squirrel has blood, the child has it by her face, is she trying to give her child a serious illness that not even Ajax can wash off? I don't even let my kids eat palm berries, I cannot believe she is holding a dead rodent. Tabz, next time hand her a dead rat, it's just as infected as that damn dead thing in her poor hands. Tabatha, take some parenting classes ASAP.

Anonymous said...

v and a rip-off artist who made money off the back of a dead child.
You are still a sick fuck in my book.

Anonymous said...

Aside from it not being healthy to let your baby use a dead squirrel as a toy or teething ring. the baby is too fat. I wish her parents would learn something about nutrition and cut down on the sugar and snack foods and start serving vegetables and fruit, and make sure she gets more exercise. This is definitely not just baby fat and it's not cute, her mom's setting her up for a lifetime of obesity and the chronic health problems that come with it, as well as being teased by mean kids etc. If the mother was overweight herself, I'm sure she knows that was no fun.
i don't even know these people but just came across this and wanted to comment. Hope Mom will seriously make some changes for the babys sake.