All the baawwwing was nothing more than melodramatic posing

Bobble and Geeky were given an opportunity to do a couple of simple things that would have made the NOM NOM NOM photo disappear. They ignored the olive branch so its full steam ahead.

Coming up next - "The E-thugs of MMAC."

If for some reason Bobble and Geeky decide to take my offer before I post The E-thugs post today, then I'll still hold to my end of the agreement.

Until then heres a Geeky post from MMAC:

#31 04-09-2009, 11:08 PM
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It takes alot of nerve for someone to try to and justify what QA, MB, and Bay have done. I mean seriously. Especially beginning with posting info on MONO which I don't believe to be true considering he was still in diapers in 1987 I don't believe him to be packing around a firearm under his osh kosh overalls. Secondly, posting erratic untrue information about myself and bobble is also fiendish and deserves repremand. I can take insults, fat jokes, uneducated jokes, or any other type of joke. Yet when it comes to turning posts from Bobble at another forum around and twisting the information into something that's untrue and laughing about her miscarriages and saying her child is going to bust she's so fat I TAKE A LITTLE OFFENSE. I could care less what they post about me they can falsify criminal records or whatever that have to. I've never even been inside of a jail and the girl of whom they posted a picture of today I've never seen in my life. SO that's how accurate they are in the information. They've still not correctly sleuthed my full name and also inaccurately posted my so called mother's name. You can believe what they post or believe they're JUST in their actions if you want but you've just proven yourself a shit face. If you like their opinions and e-drama so much by all means join them. Don't waste your time with another post here. Fly along. A little foot note of info only you morons are visiting the site laughing amongst each other now. My last visit was today since it's became boring and Mono and Bobble haven't visited in awhile. So what shall you do Morton when your e-drama ship has sank?
Saving the world one forum member at a time.
-- Like a phoenix risen from the ashes. So has the GEEK been revived.

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Hollyholy said...

411 has allowed the geek freak to have his say. He's chosen not to capitulate, so let's bring it on.
No one said anything about monoxide being arrested in 1987. Can you say "reading comprehension", Geektard.

I think he must have inhaled too much coal or perhaps his girlfriend's chronic yeast infection has seeped into what's left of his pea brain.

Anonymous said...

"Like a phoenix risen from the ashes. So has the GEEK been revived".

gmafb he's full of unearned conceit.

more like "Like a wart risen from the anus. So has the Geek been revived".

Apple said...

Hey Cheeky! You Tard, Mono's offenses started in 2004 not 1987.

WTF are you smokin besides pole?

LOL Holly, eww to the yeast infection!

Keep em coming 411, it's getting better and better. If Gobblehead were smart, she'd remove the slanderous blogs against Bay ASAP.

Anonymous said...

You both cant face the fact that her little girl will BLOW UP!! Bobble said don't say anything if ya cant help the situation. well I posted yesterday that social services should be called to help the situation,
I am calling Human Services RIGHT NOW!! and turn you in! Your child is grossly overweight and that is child abuse!!

I have saved the pic of "Daddy's little hunter" and sending it to human services now!!

You both are filthy pigs and raising that little girl one too.

If you want to be disgusting, go ahead, but dont let that child grow up the same way!!

Anonymous said...

Let me see if I have this right. Anon is calling protective services because BubbleButts kid is overweight? You better plan on being on the phone for a very long time if that is the shit your calling protective services for.

Damn near 75% of American kids are overweight.

This is gone far enough. My take on the pic that was posted of the little girl looked to me like someone just got done hunting and the little girl got into it. I do think it's screwed up that whoever took the pic thought that was cute.

Get a grip on yourself Anon, I hate Geeky and as far a BubbleButt goes she deserves him. But protective services???? Come on.

Honey said...

Geeky is an IDIOT! If anyone stays out of the drama shit, it's Morton.
Booble is an idiot and so is he if they think what THEY and MMAC done is not wrong. I guess they're too stupid to see the irony here.
It reminds me of a chihuahua biting a pit bull on the balls, when the chihuahua starts the fight thinking he can win,gets his ass kicked and runs away yelping when he loses he pride, but not before pissing himself.

Anonymous said...

he accused Quick, Morton, Bay and MB(not sure who that is) in one post.

I guess if you take the shotgun approach, you're bound to hit a squirrel eventually. Or not.

KY intellegence fail.

Anonymous said...

Chubby kids probably won't get CPS attention, but exposing the kid to an infectious disease like rabies or the like should. The child should have been taken in for testing pronto instead of taking a pic and posting it proudly on the net. That seems pretty common sense to me.

Hollyholy said...

Whatcha say now, fat boi! LMAO.