Monoxide - Pix

I promised readers pix of monoxide. Here they are, that's him on the left:

monoxide on the left

monoxide on the left

When i obtained these photos i was just as surprised as you are that this is the dickbreath whos been terrorizing the true crime net sphere. He looks nothing like Charles Starkwether and alot like Arnie from Gilbert Grape or maybe Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber.

Coming soon - addresses and phone numbers.


Anonymous said...

Lloyd from Dumb and Dumber, PERFECT!!!!! LMAO


WOW, no offense to anyone but he does look like he belongs on the short bus. Just sayin'.

Saffron said...

He's actually not as bad as I'd imagined. Dorky hillbilly... I'm used to them around here.

Anonymous said...

It looks like his mom put the soup bowl crooked on his head when she cut his hair.

Husband Of A Victim said...

Come on Josh, thats you? Oh geeze. You like to terrorize women? Looks like a piece of shit to me. Get a life dude.

she said...

Actually, he looks like he was a good kid at one time. I wonder what happened in his life to devalue himself so much that he's where he is now.

Anonymous said...


"And they're getting attention doing it. Honestly I could give a fuck less about that blog. I know that I am a failure, an asshole, a piece of shit, and a fool with low self esteem and no confidence. I know that I am worthless and will never accomplish anything. This isn't anything new. I sure as hell don't need no blog telling me this stuff as I figured it out on my own a few years back."


"Like I said in the other thread, you need to wake up one day look in the mirror and tell your self "I am as good as anyone else", then go to the closest city nearest you, and apply for a good paying IT job, after your making 70-80 grand a year if not more, find a nice girlfriend."


"I have no motivation to do anything and I know I would eventually fucked it up anyway. That's what I do. I fucked shit up."


Anonymous said...

Is that one eyebrow or two?

Kinda sad, looks like his brother is in a tie in both pictures, at least one of them had a couple of acomplishments.

Anonymous said...

So how old is that pic? Looks like he is a young teenager there.

Sounds like Mono is trying to get a little pity since everyone has figured out what he really is. Hey Mono I pity you, do you feel better now? You are pretty pitiful.

Anonymous said...

Mono seems to think as long as he admits he's an asshole, all is well.

Maybe his mom used to make him do that.... "I'm a bad boy, mommy!!! I'm a bad boy!!!! Please stop now!"

Hollyholy said...

To Monoxide:
People that live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones.

Looks as if you threw one stone too many, you little punk-ass dweeb.

Anonymous said...

Does seeing his picture make me feel sorry for him? No. The biggest bully on the playground is the loner with zero self-esteem. That doesn't make him any less dangerous.