Sunday Sangin. Lets us git into a southeast Kintuckee frame of mind

For yer lissnin plezur, this heer is sum gospul musac from the holler.


Now fokes, I sujest you pull out a doller or two fer this lufly musac sanger, becaws we don want the sanger's boyfren stealin yer purse or nuthin.

Hep yersef to sum skwurel whilst tha musac plays.


Anonymous said...

I clicked on the music link...held out for 18 seconds.

I challenge any of you to make it longer. My ears, my ears....I'm Bleeding!!!!!

Anonymous said...

A Christian huh? Pretty Christian like behavior on MMAC this morning against Bay.

Anonymous said...

Help me Jesus!! Good lord, who in their right mind would record themselves if they sounded like that?? I pray that sound will leave my head quickly and the heavenly father will save this woman from her delusions of having any talent. Where is Simon Cowell when we need him?

I also pray that the bigotry that she and her beloved so shamelessly exhibit against others will be exposed as the ignorance it is.

Anonymous said...

If your ears aren't bleeding enough, then check this out.


A whole playlist!

And even better, her boyfriend's cover of Johnny Cash will be sure to burst an eardrum or two.



Anonymous said...

Git that grill a fiddle! She thinks she's the next Allison Krause, no?

I've heard bad...and I've heard VERY bad...but this takes the cake.

I'd give her a wad of $$ just to promise not to do this any more.

Why did they want their CD to come out by Christmas? Does she think someone might buy it for a gift? This would only be popular for the "White Elephant" gift exchanges that are so popular in office parties....hey, maybe I WILL buy one. My office would think it's hillarious.

Anonymous said...

Is a purse snatcher allowed to drive a coal truck?
Ladies of Kentucky....Beware..A fat purse snatcher is on the loose.

My ears are bleeding, too.

Signed: Not a hazard hillbilly

Anonymous said...

My wife just showed me what's happening at that mmac website.

To me, it looks like many maricons write there.
I don't like maricons.

Y la musica SUCKED A BIG ONE
Besame culo. shit heads.


Monoxide411 said...

Bobble and the purse snatcher are threatening people over at MMAC right now. They are so stupid that they think that i had to contact her ex-husband to get the info in the original post. Theyre too retarded to realize that everything i got is in the public domain. I have no desire to talk to her ex-bedbuddy, considering he looks as inbred as her current bedbuddy. Who lets a kid suck on a dead squirrel anyways?

Anonymous said...

Oh my God! That music link was bobblehead? Hahahaha. Ya, she'll be the first rich and famous karioke singer (or screecher) in history.

Who told her she had a good voice and encouraged this crap?

Anonymous said...

The daughter is adorable. I didn't realize that Bubble was the one singing, LOL!

Hey Bubble...clean your house you pig.

And quit spending money on tats...fix your house up for that beautiful little girl.

If that is your house...I hope Bay makes good on her threats to call someone.

Anonymous said...

Is this picture real or photoshopped?! Is that baby really holding a dead squirrel? I'm serious...I don't know all the dramatics of this situation. I only know of Mono from the Murt "hacker" stuff, but I never followed MMAC and do not know who the players are.

Please can someone explain this picture, and how this is related to Mono?


Anonymous said...

That crap they are spewing about Bay is NOT funny! And that isn't Bay posting there anymore is it? Did someone hack her hat?

MMAC looks like one or two posters with several different hats on enormous amount of METH.

I am learning more than I thought I would ever have to know about protecting my identity on the internet from my time at MMAC.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad about the little girls pic being up. I thought it was something the author of the blog made up.

I had fun watching Mono, BubbleButt and the Gook get what they got coming. CC should get it too.

Thanks for sharing with us host. The little girls pic was too much for me.

Anonymous said...

I guess allowing your kid to play with dead squirrel's is better then letting them play with live ones.

No doubt cooked up and washed down with some Mountain Dew.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who any of these people are, but the music is funnier than shit!! OMMFG, no wonder the child is chewing on a dead squirrel! I would be, too, if I were forced to listen to that!!

Anonymous said...

That kid is obease. Baby fat is one thing - that child has/will have health issues.

Plesae clear some trash so she has room to roam around and get some exercise.

And maybe some not so real stuffed animals.

God - It makes me sick my tax $ are probably supporting this sloth.

Anonymous said...

This child's weight is cause for concern. Perhaps someone should call Child Protective Services in Hueysville to inquire.

I bet this child has never seen a vegetable.

Anonymous said...

You should have seen the photos of this kid on the myspace page. Enormous. It looked like she had an adult diaper on. Poor thing.

Hollyholy said...

These comments are as hilarious as the posts.
Keep 'em coming.
I laugh for hours.

Anonymous said...

It put's the squirrel on it's skin.


Is that how the great gEEky provides for the ladies? No wonder Bobble wouldn't blow him.

Anonymous said...

You have seen the IT major Geeky haven't you? LOL that is why she won't blow him.
Not that BubbleButt is a prize either, although she is in her own mind.
Conceited comes to mind when I think of her photo layout she did for MMA, she just wanted everyone to see all of her different looks ya know, I still laugh to this day about that.
Bobble dear...go to Merill Norman ...learn how to do your make up...then put yourself through a real school and teach your daughter how to be a strong women so she doesn't end up having to blow someone like Geeky.

With all of the money you have tied up in tats for your beautiful body...your kid could have had a nice savings account for college.

Anonymous said...

OUCH why did I listen to that? it's like a country gospel version of the Shaggs.
actually it is rather reminiscent of Hank Williams' tone-deaf wife who insisted on singing on his radio program.

and wtf is up widdat pore baybeh nom noming on da skwurl?
Is that child being raised by a pack of wild dogs or what? Nothin the matter w/ eating squirrel meat. But here is a hint: humans usually skin them and cook them first.