"A liar, a thief, and a bum" - another "guess who" challenge

For today's challenge, you must:
1. Name the person and/or

2. Give the person some advice (have fun psychoanylizing this relationship nightmare)

Here we go:

How Can You Fix Someone?

I completely understand the only person one can control is theirself. Me and my fiance / girlfriend are constantly at war. We live semi-close to one another so mostly every night we spend together. But times have got tough and some things have happened to me financially that will take time to fix. So that's became a problem.

But there's many problems.
During a normal argument she seems to confuse facts and twist words for her own benefit and once I've proven the fact that I'm right she just ignores it completely and drifts on to another argument or situation. I'm constantly called a liar over things that are out of my control.

For example when asking her for something or using her money for something she always asks when will you pay me back and of course I tell her the date expected (such as the day a check should arrive) and even when she sees it's out of my control like the check not coming on the day it's supposed to. I'm called a liar, a thief and or a bum. (one must remember when we got together i had a good job and upon the first week of our relationship she had asked me for money to have her nails done and etc. i never asked to be paid back and had never brought it up during an argument)That's pretty harsh because I can't understand what would be the hard thing to understand when I count on the date I should get the check and she knows that but the fact it came a day or so later is beyond my control.

But other problems have been things like online such as myspace and instant messengers. She purposely gives me something to do for her like get something or fix her something to eat so that she can completely check the PC and see who or what I've did and what websites I've visited. She then throws everything up to me when in fact I absolutely do nothing wrong. She feels it's ok for her to do those things and at a point it is but what she fails to realize is that I'm not afforded the same luxury. I on the other hand do not visit her home to check her actions on her pc because although she lives alone her mom and dad own the house and they live right above her and we don't get along basically because her mother is obnoxious and at one point and time she'd call me during every argument she had with my gf and tell me things that I told her I couldn't help and had no reason to be contacted about.

I guess I should mention she's not yet divorced but he was gone before I came into the picture he wasn't living there or anything and their divorce is pro-longed due to a child being involved a 2 year old little girl. I really don't want to lose her or anything and there's those perfect times we have but I feel like I'm being treated unfairly and I've brought this up to her but she always turns it around to be my fault and she always keeps score and so do I. And every time she brings something up and I counter it by something she's done all she'll say is you look so guilty.

It's always OK for her to contact her ex about anything but if I even speak to an ex she just can't believe it. It's ok for her to do so because they have a child together but it's not even ok for me to tell an old high school gf I found her class ring...Any advice would be appreciated.

And then this:

I don't know she's just so messed up. She has issues beyond medical help. As for tonight the issue was and still is going on ...she's sat online for 8 hours saying it's my fault she hasn't came on over. lol hilarious. I gave her a dose of her own medicine she didn't handle it too well. I was fuming mad she rally pushes my buttons.

And then he offers advice to a girl who's unhappy with her boyfriend:

I completely understand, eventhough I'm here looking for advice. I also understand I probably know my own answer as you probably do as well. But I'll give you yours. There's always one person (in relationships that'll never work) that put forth more effort than the one that lets everything revolve around themselves. The actions will continue to remain unchanged until you do something about it and if you do put your foot down and he doesn't accept it and moves on then...he didn't care in the first place. I should take my own advice I guess but asking for a miracle is OK...


OK...did you guys catch that? Miss Holier than Thou was fucking around with her boyfriend while still married to her husband. Where does that fall on her sin scale? Which one of the commandments does that break? Girl needs to keep her child-support check for her CHILD instead of lending it to this bum. And this bum needs to find someone else to leech off of. Or they can just keep doing what they've been doing. Ignoring their own problems and living through online drama so they never have to focus on their own fucked-up lives.

Since it isnt gonna work with your gf, and because you don't have a lot of options, I suggest this:

Now it's your turn. Who wrote the above lovelorn post? And offer this dysfunctional couple some advice.


Anonymous said...

Bradley Mullins from Hueysville, Kinfucky is allowing his woman to walk all over him? hahaha pussy.

Tabatha Hughes Shepherd, you are a piece of work. Hypocritical much? I know it's a big word. Go look it up.

Anonymous said...

“Times have got tough” “What I’ve did”

These two morons need to take theirself back to skewl.

Anonymous said...

He probably ain't getting any tang. Who would want it, with the perpetual yeast infection?

Anonymous said...

Brad- here’s a more heartfelt version. It’s not copyrighted. So feel free to send to Dear Abby or that other one.

I’m not sure if she’s my fiancée or my girlfriend but we hate each other. She lives in the next trailer over, below her Mama and Daddy. I don’t have any money (nor will I ever) and she gets pissed when I borrow $5 from her. She once found a three-yolked egg and was mighty pissed when it didn’t sell on ebay.

When I win an argument, I want her to light off firecrackers and kiss my feet but she’s too busy screeching on myspace and trying to meet Pink, her idol.

I recently won a stuffed squirrel playing that “Shoot the Water in the Clowns Mouth” game at the county fair. I was up against a bunch of 5 year olds so I was rally glad I won! Anyways, Tabz threw the stuffed animal in the garbage because she prefers her daughter to play with real squirrels. She says it brings her closer to nature. Whatever. I’m just sick of looking at a toybox overflowing with dead, bloody squirrels, ya know?

My girlfriend / fiancée is still married and I worry that the Pearly Gates will slam in her face because of her infidelity. Maybe we should just do anal sex instead until she’s deevorced? I rally think that would be better.
I hope you can help me.

No Balls Bradley

Anonymous said...

What a pussy!! This guy is!! Even his own hand would treat him like shit.

I just looked over at the mmac site and Tabitha said this,

" I didn't read all the replies on this post, but I will shortly. At this time I don't feel safe posting about the situation dated 04.08.2009. But I will say the post on monoxide411.blogspot.com is not true. I feel like the owners of that blog are dangerous and I fear for my safety and most importantly my child's safety.

This being a open forum, meaning anyone can re-register here over and over, and maybe its possible that ex members can log in to current members accounts and spy here? For that reason I just dont feel that it would be for my best interest to comment about what is posted on 411monoxide. Until things have been ceased and the feeling of being safe is restored , I will not be commenting about this situation. I'm sure you all understand.

Most importantly let me stress this I do not want further communications of any kind, from the 411Monoxide.blogspot.com

Btw--I also want to thank those that pm'd me the beautiful messages and inspiring words, it really does mean a lot to me. I also want to thank those of you that messaged me in concern and lended me terrific advice. Hopefully soon all of this will be over !

And then she posted this:

"I personally won't be reading at that blog anymore,"

Oh Tabby, you will be reading this blog, your fat ass just can't get enough of the internet.

Hmm, she got pm'd with "wonderful words" I highly doubt it! Unless it was Mono using different hats.

You think ex-members are loggin in under different hats? I thought you were an "Internet·°·Einstein"

You also fear for your safety and your child's safety? Sorry hon, I wouldn't touch you with a 10 foot pole, as for your child, you should fear for her, fear that she will blow up at any time because of her weight.
Do the right thing, get off your ass and work out and do something for that babies weight, if ya cant do that, please give your daughter to a family who will make sure that baby gets healthy, that's child abuse!!
The TRUE victim here is that daughter of yours.

Both of these people are a waste of space!!!

Anonymous said...

The only advice I can think of is that they need to kill themselves.

Just keep thinking what I would do if I was as useless as they are, and there really don't seem to be any other options.

Anonymous said...

Just saw post from the lady that took over TDBS, telling people that MMAC is her second home, Maybe in the past that would be a great statement, but if Sean was still alive, he wouldn't want his site to be associated with MMAC as it stands today.

Anonymous said...

Another note for Tabz...

Ever hear of tularemia?

It's a disease that rodents can give humans.

Typically, people become infected through the bite of infected insects (most commonly, ticks and deerflies), by handling infected sick or dead animals, by eating or drinking contaminated food or water, or by inhaling airborne bacteria.

The signs and symptoms people develop depend on how they are exposed to tularemia. Possible symptoms include skin ulcers, swollen and painful lymph glands, inflamed eyes, sore throat, mouth sores, diarrhea or pneumonia. If the bacteria are inhaled, symptoms can include abrupt onset of fever, chills, headache, muscle aches, joint pain, dry cough, and progressive weakness. People with pneumonia can develop chest pain, difficulty breathing, bloody sputum, and respiratory failure. Tularemia can be fatal if the person is not treated with appropriate antibiotics.

Ummm, Tabz it can be fatal. Nice mothering ya got there.

Anonymous said...

Tabz, you cannot get rid of tularemia by washing the dead squirrels with Palmolive either. Not even the "anti-bacterial" kind, okay?

Anonymous said...

Oh sure....ya gotta post the sexy goat picture - with the lipstick and eyeliner.

Actually looks like a pretty good option for ya there gEEky. Step up in anycase.

Anonymous said...

wanna know why her nose is...

03-05-2009, 05:15 AM

b0bblehead_d0LL b0bblehead_d0LL

Join Date: Nov 2008
Posts: 480
Default I need some help! Topic: Nose Jewelry
One month and 3 days ago I had my nose re-pierced ... & I have quiet a few
inquiries about the type and size of nose jewelry I actually need!

I know a few things about body piercings because I had my nose pierced before, for a total of one and a 1/2 years, and I also had a Monroe piercing/lip piercing.

I know technically speaking the rule of thumb is to keep the piercer stud/screw in for 3 months or longer & believe me keeping it in for over a month is a great accomplishment with me!The previous time I only kept the piercing stud in for almost a week! With good reason!

The 1st time-I had my nose pierced was also a spare of the moment deal and I went to the only tattoo shop in my County! I didn't know jack about piercings, or what was what! He was sorry ass piercer that left the actual 'Straight' piercing stud in my nose, with no back or curve to hold it in! It looked very similar to a metal nail so yeah, it came out every night while I was asleep! I would have to search for it every morning when I got up. So every day for the 1st week basically I was having too re-pierce my nose over and over because if the nose stud was out for longer than 10 minutes it would grow up~NO JOKE~ ! One of those times it was out I decided to take a snap shot of it, and post it online to get someone's opinion whether I had a normal stud in my nose ! that's when I found out he had left the actual piercing device in my nose, and used pliers to cut it off.which explained the very sharp end!
Thankfully just so happens right after I got my nose pierced I had ordered nose studs from hot topic, and they had come in. i didn't know what a 18 or 20 gauge was. At that time Hot Topic only sold 20 OR 22 gauge. My hole was a 18 gauge.the ring stem was to small for my nose and it too kept sliding up and out.So i did research and went to a tattoo shop out of my County. he told me the guy who did my nose F'ded me up big time. He told me he put my hole to far back on my nose etc etc , and I agreed! No one could tell I even had a nose ring. Hie wouldn't touch my piercing because he wasn't the one who had done it, and it was still healing. So i just left the hot topic one in. My hole shrunk, and I bought the nose bones because they were easier to actually get in! But they were a bitch to change!

Anyways I had landed a mortgage/appraisal data specialist at the bank. So eventually i knew once my boss noticed it, i would have to get rid of it. She noticed it after 2 weeks , and I had to take it out. which brings me to now I had it re done a month ago by the tattoo shop out of my county.. They placed a nose screw in my nose piercing and its so comfortable."

mortgage/appraisal data specialist at the bank???
Your boss told you to take it out and now you got re-done again?

I call bullshit!! Your too stupid to have a job like that, you do not know how to manage money or spell, but I do give ya credit for knowing something, knowing about trailer parks and damaging kids, such as your own.

If ya can't count calories, then how would anyone expect you to count money?

Anonymous said...

Here is her myspace page

WARNING! Her profile pic is NOT her!!

Anonymous said...

Where is CC hiding? She is the female version of Mono. And how did she get so lucky as not to be exposed on this blog?

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
Where is CC hiding? She is the female version of Mono. And how did she get so lucky as not to be exposed on this blog?
9/4/09 12:03 PM

Maybe CC was smart enough to keep her real life identity and name private? Hard to believe as dumb as she is that she would not have slipped someplace though....

YIKES - it's not easy to type CC and Smart in the same sentence.

Anonymous said...

Bradley Neil Mullins, I do declare you are a pussy, lily-livered dunce.

Actually I heard you were gay.

Tabatha Hughes Sheperd, you are a moron and your posts demonstrate your stupidity and ignorance.

No one in their right mind would want to have anything to do with you.

Fuck you and your purse-stealing boyfriend.