Another email from a reader - "PROOF Monoxide was Honey."

This comes from l***f********@gmail.com

If you would post this, I would appreciate it. It is proof that monoxide lied about honey's identity. I knew it was him because of his style. Now I have hard proof, and I want the few left-overs at MMAC to see this.

What this shows is that someone from monoxide's IP posted as honey during the month of March, and was most active from the 19th to the 24th hour that day--posting 11000 characters and 421 lines of text in the MMAC chat room. The last time monoxide signed into the honey account was March 19, when MissBrooklyn and I confronted him in chat. There it is. The IP. No further proof needed. No more excuses from the asshole required.
Those who stay at MMAC after seeing this proof have no excuse anymore. They can't say, "But I didn't know!

Also, I want to say that it is NOT ME posting at MMAC as quickattack. Nor is MissBrooklyn posting under her account. Nor is Kegcat. Brook and I have not been able to sign into our accounts since the night Monoxide banned us about two weeks ago. Kegcat must have been banned earlier this week. Monoxide banned me because I changed my avatar to a mugshot of his stepfather--haha! (That's his photo enclosed, by the way.)
To the blog author, thank you for revealing so much info. I had a great deal of this info, but not the photos! LOL @ Lloyd. YOU ROCK!!

John Eric Sandham Monoxide's stepfather's mugshot from domestic violence arrest in 2007:


Hollyholy said...

Thank you 411 for posting this. That graph should convince the hold outs that Honey is Mono. If it does not, fuck 'em anyway. They've sipped too much Koolaide already. Enjoy the trip, mmac freakwads.


This just keeps getting better and better with every post. I feel like I should be paying for all this info. I do believe that this little punk as screwed with the wrong people this time. I was ok with "Mono" in the beginning but then little by little he started pushing me to see how far he could go. I have always said, "Its just the internet" but then he made this personal when he said he was going to kill my family and posted all my personal information all over the internet. I sure hope you are reading here Mr. Mono because I have a feeling that its going to get a lot better! Ban me all you want from all of your sites but now you really have my attention. Enjoy you last few moments in the spotlight.

Anonymous said...

OMFG......LMAO at that MUG. It would only be funnier if the banjo song from deliverance played in the background. Looks like the "Great Mono" and his kinfolk are nothing more than spam eating, banjo playing, cousin-banging, KKK loving, junkyard loving HICKS.

This is just too fucking much. Thank you thank you thank you 411. I cannot stop laughing.

The curtain has been pulled back on the great wizard of oz and it's not pretty. It's FUCKING hilarious.

signed-Heidi Klum

Shocked said...

I was in that chat and let me tell you when most people read this post they think, Monoxide trolling, no big deal. You left out the part about him attacking his own members with racial slurrs. Sick. I have no use for racial bigotry.

Mike said...

Great blog. I emailed you a myspace of someone related to this guy. Its your call whether or not to put it out there. I would hate to see his family endure the same stuff his ex-members have to endure. If he goes over the line at least you will have it. By the way good blog dude!

Honey said...

LMAO! CC's hubby found about about hhatser e-love with Mono, that must be why she is leaving.
That or she saw his pic posted here and was grossed out that she fantasized about someone who looked like those trench coat wearing sickos who shoot up schools.
Now I wonder who is even real over there, Mono must be using everyones ID .

Anonymous said...

Hahaha, that guy was banging his mom. She must be a prize to attract such a winner.

Shit, maybe mono was tapping her too. Her own son might be a step up from that dork.

Anonymous said...

Good Lord. Was mom really that desperate?


Mary said...

Hey Short Bus Dude. I want you to know that some people left mmac because of the situation with the death threats made to you. Monoxide said in a chat that he wanted to decapitate your kids. Several members that were witness to it called him on it and left his forum. One of the ex-members recieved a phone threat that said he was going to slit her throat.

Hollyholy said...


Then why were you in the chat? Did you speak out or just sit there and let other members be bashed?
Shame, shame if that's you did nothing.

Shocked.... said...

Holly, I was banned over speaking out about it.

I told Monoxide he was an sob.

A lot of us were banned for speaking out. Then we were humiliated by him.

A_ShortBus_Lover said...

Funny because I have been watching that site with info for their chat for a few days now!

Those who keep saying they are leaving have yet to really leave. They have been logging in and chatting daily since saying they were leaving.

Just in case you all want to watch...


BTW, I love ShortbusDude!!!

Saffron said...

Most of the ones I know have left, if they are signed in, it's Mono who is signed in as them or they are there to see what has been said about them or their friends. Almost no posts by anyone who has said they are leaving.

Saffron said...

Sorry, didn't know you meant that you were talking about recent "quitters" (McDidIt, Pom and CC) being in chat after saying they quit. I thought they meant at the forum. Mea culpa.

Anonymous said...

Josh Melton is a racist. He has proved he hates women by the sexist comments he makes. He has no social boundaries. When he's caught in his lies he resorts to threats and siccing his attack-pack on the unaware. He uses other people to terrorize his enemies. What is there to like about this fucker?