I apologize to saffron

Shes a smart woman and from Kentucky. Ive seen her posts here & at other places and shes proof that there are intelligent people in Kentucky. There are prolly many intelligent people in Kentucky.....

but they dont share genetics with Monoxide and his clan (or should I say "klan?").

Thanks for your posts here Saffron and I hope I didnt offend you to the point that you wont post any more.


Anonymous said...

Another Kentuckian here.....I was not offended nor am I related to the fuck boy! There mystery solved...not all Kentuckians are related!

I was one of the originals to bust his bubble when I outed his slimy ass for threatening SBD and for begging Murt to kill himself on camera. After that I received phone calls from Murt per Monos request and from Mono himself, actually theres a youtube video on monos youtube account of one of the calls he made to me. Well I can say Im still alive and he didnt cut me like he promised....gee epic fail or complete moron?

Saffron said...

Not offended! I love you.

Anonymous said...

To the anon who made the first post. If you were to call the Lake County Sheriff's office in Florida and report that this incident, Mono may go to jail.

Those who helped Mono spread his lies and use pranks like these are as guilty as he is. These people can help make up for their sins by helping make Mono, at least, pay for his crimes.

Anonymous said...

OK Im poster number 1...I have contacted EVERYONE and no one will do anything! I contacted GatorHost (his server) I contacted Vbulletin, I contacted Mibbit and they all told me yes it was immature (after I sent them all screen shots of all this and recordings as well)but he wasnt breaking their TOS...BULLSHIT! I guess a paying customer means more to them than anything. As far as the police, I have filed a report through my phone provider but never did anything with it because he left me alone. That much Im happy for!

Daily said...

I love you Saffron!

Anonymous said...

Anon #1, you are talking to the wrong people. Vbulletin and Gator could care a less. Comcast is his personal internet provider, they would be very interested. My understanding is there is already a complaint that Comcast is persuing against Mono.

What would happen if all that were bothered by this little putz called Comcast and made a complaint?

Jail would be nice, lol.

Anonymous said...

Prosecute? Jail? Ok, call me soft, but come on.

He hurt some peoples efeelings, including my own, and made some people look foolish and uncomfortable.

The jails are full with real life violent offenders, being let out daily due to overcrowding.

It's the internet, if you're not wise enough to hide your identity, or too thin skinned to take the heat, maybe you need to find another place to play.

This blog is enough - tit for tat, an eye for an eye. I hope he's feeling as bad, threatend and foolish as he's made others feel.

Just trying to put his crimes in real world perspective. He's getting what he gave - hopefully he learns a thing or two and does something usefull with his life. Jail will not help in that regard.


Anonymous said...

Anon number one. If you are the one who MURT called, I suggest you make contact and come clean. You are a material witness of a crime. If your report goes toward the suicide incident, then MONO can be prosecuted for his crimes in Florida, to start with.

Dailuy said...

Hey Vape, I am so tired of people acting like the Net is some big ocean out there and you can do what you want. The crimes he has committed (yes he has committed crimes.) Just happened to have taken place on the net as well. Posting child porn is a crime, and I saw it so it is on his computer. Death threats, that is also a crime. Not just to the "net" people, but to their families as well. I AM SICK AND FUCKING TIRED OF "ITS JUST THE NET" GET A BACKBONE.

THESE ARE FUCKING CRIMES IDIOT. Josh Melton just happens to use the net.

So you see VAPE, its not about "boohoo he hurt my feelings" :(

Its about hate crimes, bigotry, racism, death threats and child porn.

Get a clue VAPE and you just don't worry your little head about it. LE will decide if any crimes have been committed here.

Anonymous said...

Daiuly/daily - I respect your opinion, and certainly don't want to come off as someone supporting Mono's actions.

Just saying, there is a big difference between being in someones face and giving a death threat, and doing it over the internet or phone.

One's serious, and you should take action - the other is an attempt to get a reaction. No reaction, you win - reaction, you automaticly lose.

But whatever - let a rapist out early, clear a bunk for mono.


Daily said...

Okay Vape, please excuse me calling you an idiot.

Calling women, with a threat to slit their throat, to me is pretty serious even though was not face to face.

Might want to ask the victims how it made them feel huh?

Anonymous said...

I agree, Daily. Also, it's not just what the women think; it's against the law and will result in jail time in front of most any judge.

Anonymous said...

Anon # 1, Comcast is your best shot. With any luck Mono's internet will be shut off, and that would be the worst punishment for him to have to endure.

Vape, I always liked you. But I have to disagree with some of what you said. Yes it is the internet, but Josh has shown that he can and will make threats, at what point will he decide to take real action. As we can see by his arrest reports he has a tendency to esculate. The last arrest in 2008 he was intoxicated with a weapon. He started with just MIP.

Josh has a problem with boundaries.

Josh also has real phone numbers and locations. Should we trust that he will not to use them in real life? We have already seen what he will do with the phone numbers.

The chance of Josh traveling to get revenge are very slim I'm sure, but there is always that chance he might. Just sayin.

Monoxide411 said...

I agree anon, and theres also that matter of harassing a public officer that is on his record in Iowa.

Anonymous said...

To the Anon that's always liked me - it's all good. we can still be friends and disagree, I won't slit your throat.


Anonymous said...

I agree with Daily. Too many people think there's safety in the Web's anonymity. But Mono crossed the line with many of his lulzing activities. He needs to be held accountable for his behavior.

Brit said...

He's too lame for jail.
He'll become someone's botty boy... thats if he ever makes it out of Hazard. Lol

Even his chucks are flocking to other folds.

Silly cunts.

Anonymous said...

I am probably risking my life posting this. Josh will know where it came from, as I have known him for years. He has had a traumatic life and suffers from different mental conditions. He frequently skips his medication and has had altercations with the law and neighbors. When he was young, he even used to have outbursts in church and frequently was caught crapping in the confessional.
He suffers from paranoid delusions and sometimes gets violent. He will at times disappear for days. His Mama found him one time living in a homosexual nudist colony.
This kid is dangerous. He is not to be taken lightly. His own Mother has to sleep with a kitchen knife and has removed all other weapon like items from the home. At times he is so out of control that she has to padlock him in his basement home ( he calls it an apartment). He also suffers from extreme abnormal sexual impulses. It would wise for these intenet women not to arouse or excite him. Also, after skipping a few doses of his medication he has been known to don his Mom's housecoat and panties and stroll through the supermarkets. He once drove to a grocery store 3 hours aways in Big Mama's car. He was only found because he was apprehended by the security officer for lewd conduct in the produce department. BEWARE!! HE IS SICK AND DANGEROUS.

Hollyholy said...

So why did you leave then Vape?
He crossed the line and you left.
Why defend the little prick?

Anonymous said...

Vape left because mamamook or moisangfroid...can't remember which...said he was gay and monoxide made fun of his sexual prowess.

Anonymous said...

I left because I was being trolled in chat, and found out it was mono. Not a big fan of 2 faced people, his site, I simply walked away.

As I said before hollyholy, I'm not defending him, I think a lot of what he did is total BS, and in no way should he get a free pass.

I respect all your opinions that he should rot in jail - my opinion is that's a bit harsh. Sorry if you can't respect that.