Tricia Griffith pretends she didn't know about the email campaign to the victims conference.

Here's her post scolding her members.

Yesterday, 12:00 AM
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To those who wish to vilify the Melanie Rieger Conference

I received a call from Marc Klaas today. It seems members of Websleuths have been sending some angry emails to a wonderful organization based on what Marc said on Nancy the other night. I asked Marc to put his concerns in writing for me to post. Below is from Marc to us.

What bothers me is it seems some members took it upon themselves to use Websleuths to organize an actual email campaign against Sam and Wanda Rieger.

First, any email campaign, any petition, any sort of organized anything, has to be approved by me. That has always been a hard and fast rule here.

Of course what you do off the forum is none of my business but when an organization like the Melanie Rieger Conference receives emails from people saying they are from Websleuths then it becomes my business.

If the people who did this would have followed the rules and contacted me we could have avoided this embarrassing situation.

This is a totally different situation that (sic) Oprah. Even so, when someone posted about an "email campaign" Jbean pulled that thread until I approved it. I made the mistake of not posting a reminder about organizing email campaigns.

Websleuths is a very different forum in that it is privately owned by one person. I take a very active role in setting the rules for Websleuths. I am blessed with a great team of moderators who share my goals and make sure the forum runs smoothly.

I will be sending a letter to everyone involved in the Melanie Rieger Conference explaining that this was not endorsed by Websleuths in any way.

I don't know how many people were involved in this but apparently it was enough people from Websleuths writing some very angry and unfair emails to prompt Marc to contact me.

What I have found is Websleuths is a very respected forum. That has everything to do with you as the poster. With posters like you who post within reason and without name calling. When something like this happens it hurts all of us.

I'll leave the thread open if anyone has any questions or would like to comment.



Wait. Did readers catch that? It was ok for her readers to send harassing emails to Oprah, but not ok for them to do it to others? Anyone who was ever a member of Websleuths knows that these kind of email campaigns happen all the time. And they are organized openly at Websleuths.

I think that the only reason Tricia admonished her members is because Mark Klaas called her and bitched her out about it.

Websleuths has been on the decline for a year at least. Tricia Griffith was in no way qualified to own such a web site. Her own blog reveals an unintelligent, nutty (in a bad way) person who can't even string two sentences together, much less admin a web site.

At one time Websleuths mattered. The Caylee case dropped a huge opportunity into Tricia's huge lap. She blew it through bad decision after bad decision. The Klaas letter will, we hope, deter reasonable people from joining the forum.

Of course, anyone with any sense of integrity has already left Websleuths. The fact that the forum was being co-admined by a woman who was convicted for showing her nether regions to innocent children was enough justification for any reasonable person to leave.

We wonder what is wrong with the people who stay. Obviously - as indicated by the Klaas bitchslap - there's not much of substance left there.

The emperess of Websleuths has no clothes and the few people who are left there don't have the cajones to tell her that.


Get A Life said...

Once again amateur internet sleuthers injecting themselves into current events. I am so tired of that. The Websleuths members are constantly trying to attach themselves to anyone and everyone involved in these cases. Yuri Melich was a good example. The investigation team they put together to look into the Anthony donations. Monoxide even set Lee up by depositing money into his account and then crying foul. The organized Caylee searches, the Email campaign to Oprah was nothing short of harassment. If they truly want to make a difference in the world then get off the computer and do the hard stuff. Go work at the homeless shelter in your area. Cook a meal once a week at the Ronald McDonald house for sick children. I guess its easier to sit at your computer and mass email with a mob. Then they "feel good about themselves".

Monoxide411 said...

Great post, Get A Life.

Anonymous said...

Agreed, Get a Life. I wonder if Mark Klaas ever commented on the WindChime fiasco.

Zia said...

I considered joining Websleuths, for about two minutes. I lurked on the forum for a long time, but the behavior I saw during the early months of the Caylee case turned my stomach. I'm all for anyone who has psychic ability, but looking for details of a child's murder in a grilled cheese sandwich is ridiculous. Then after her remains were located, the same nutcases started in with orbs and dreams. It was at this point I figured out I was in the wrong forum. And it has been all downhill from there.

Anonymous said...

Wait a minute. Didn't Tricia have a thread with examples of a letter to send to the conference protesting the Anthony's involvement?

Anonymous said...

I have no problem with people who like to read about true crime stories. It is a very interesting topic, as the surge in television programming related to the topic shows.

Interfering is another matter. Has anything ever been accomplished by these organized campaigns? I ask that in all seriousness. I would like to know, maybe to see some examples. If you know of any, speak up.

I don't like the Anthony's, but they still haven't been proven guilty by the courts. Maybe this is how Mark Klass views the situation. Everyone *thinks* the Anthony's are horrible people, and I tend to agree. But we still have to let the courts make the final decision on that matter. Technically, they are victims at this point.

And Trica is just a waste of bandwidth. She belongs in the same category as Murt and Monoxide. They all beg for money and want to be famous on the Net.

I imagine many people who get involved in these cases maybe are people who are unable to get out and do more to help society.

Illness, or other issues may keep them from going out into the real world. The internet may be their only connection with society. Just a thought. I don't doubt that many people involved in the true crime online community are good people with much to offer. maybe some suggestions of helpful areas online in which people could volunteer could be discussed.

If you are not part of the solution, you are part of the problem, right? I think 411 is always going to be part of the solution.