An enemy of my enemy is not my friend.

William Murtaugh for some reason thought that the revelations about Josh Melton meant that he had been exonerated for all the shit he's done in the past several years.

Not so fast, Murdiot.

Murt and monoxide are two peas in the same pod. Monoxide could learn a lot from Murt, as Murt has perfected his scam to the point that he doesn't have to work, and his pity stories always seem to result in women funneling the money to him.

From what I'm getting in my email in-box, Murt's most recent solicitation has something to do with shipping a server by freight. I don't understand the whole story, so anyone who knows what's going on feel free to comment.

I hadn't thought about Murt until he started appearing on my blog, commenting in his usual retarded way. Then I got several e-mails telling me that Murt is stealing my content and posting it as his own at his retardoblog.

One thing that pissed off a lot of people who used to follow Murt is that he let his chat room be used by a sex offender's sister to call the child witnesses liars. He let Tinker Bell go on a rant about the children who testified about her sister's inappropriate sexual conduct. For those of you who don't know about this, Tinker Bell is or was a mod at Murt's chat room. A couple months ago, her sister Wind Chime, a slovenly mod at Websleuths, was outted as having a criminal record for sexually abusing children. The case records state that she crawled her obese self up on a table, lay on her back, and spread her fat labia for the children to see. She also had sex in front of the kids. She pleaded GUILTY to these charges! In Murt's chat, Tinker Bell defended Wind Chime at the expense of the children who were victimized by Wind Chime. Murt, who supposedly cares about children, sure didn't care about them when he let the sex offender's sister call those kids liars in his chat room. Anyone who stayed in Murt's chat after that happened can't even pretend to care about children.

Murt's always given me the creepy vibe, though. So it's not surprising that sex offenders and their kin gravitate toward his chat room.

Honestly, he's yesterday's news. But it looks like he's still up to the same monkey business.

Anyone know of any cons that old Murt's been up to lately? Tell us about them here.


Anonymous said...

LOL - I'm the ANON who outed him due to his ridiculous rantings about flying all over the country to pick up PC's ppl are giving him that contain information re: his "hackings". I called him out, challenged him and proved he was lying. That POS.

Monoxide411 said...

People are giving him their PCs? Are they insane?

Anonymous said...

There's no fool like an old fool.

Anonymous said...

Murt wouldn't know the truth if it crawled up and bit him on his saggy old white ass!

Anonymous said...

I haven't heard about Murt in awhile. He has lost his damn mind letting the pedos accuse those children of lying. How is he still on the Net. Has he no shame?

Anonymous said...

Murt won't approve my comment. I'm betting that you will.

You need to stop lying, Murt. The more you try to cover your ass the bigger the hole is that you are digging for yourself. The more you say on this issue the more you show yourself to be a liar.

You are, without a doubt, stalking an innocent woman because you don't like the fact that she has cut off your gravy train by writing about you. When you got your note from “Roger” you, you little secret squirrel, thought you had found a nut. Wrongo!

You have been witnessed by several people over a LONG time asking your chatters to go real life on this woman and find out her personal information. It is very well known that Tricia Griffin from WebSleuths provided you with the woman's name (the woman that you HATE), and that Tricia obtained that information when this woman was a member of her forum and was in the hospital. You and Tricia are peas in a pod. Neither of you have any sense of boundaries nor ethical behavior and neither of you would know the truth if it bit you in the ass. The only person in the true crime community that thinks Tricia is a “respected” board operator and that Websleuths is a “well respected” forum is Tricia (and apparently you. Water seeks it’s own level…)

You say that the information about this woman was easily obtainable on line. I have news for you. You are lying. The information that you seek about this woman is NOT available on line. Let me repeat that IT IS NOT AVAILABLEL ONLINE! In order for you to obtain any personal information about her you have had no choice but to go Real Life (check the initials there, Murt. “RL”). You have to actively stalk her in order to obtain the information that you have sought and asked others to obtain for you.

You may have been set-up, but it was not for the reason that you give. They obviously were not trying to get you to “smear” anyone. It’s pretty apparent to me that someone now has verifiable evidence against you. They can PROVE that you are a dangerous man; simply by providing your emails to law enforcement in which you are asking for personal information about a woman whom you have decided is picking on you.

Murt, you thought people were pissed about you trying to gain your notoriety off of the back of murdered and missing children, just you wait and see how stalking pans out for you, pal.

You need to admit your defeat. You played into their hands and now they have the evidence that they need to prove that you have been actively stalking this woman. You can twist this situation anyway you want on your blog. However, in the end, if you don’t stop your lying, you will be screwed to the wall with your latest act of fuckery.

Murt, no one in the True Crime blogosphere likes or respects you. You are a joke to the true crime blog world, the true crime forums, and to professional journalists. You are a weird, evil old man who is known to be a liar. You are known to be so consumed with yourself and your fantasies that you are considered to be a detriment to victims and their families by everyone who ever comes into contact with you. Apparently, even your “pal” Lenny Padilla has kicked your sorry ass to the curb after finding out about your true crime history.

You have no loyalty at all. I don’t think you are even capable of feeling love for another human being. And the proof of that is in the fact that you were on the Net within a couple of hours of your wife dying. What a son of a bitch you are! Way to disrespect the woman that stood by you, bore your child, and put up with your nasty booger eating self. You couldn’t even keep yourself off of the Net in order to show proper respect for her. Do you have any idea how sick and disgusted that makes people?

You talk shit about everyone, Muirt, and you treat your “friends” like crap. I have seen the way you treat NON on occasion. She has stuck by you no matter what you have done. She is smart, Murt. She knows the truth about you, that you are a lying, scheming, manipulative old con man. Yet, she doesn’t hold it against you and stands by you anyway. SHE is a true friend to you, Murt, and you are too stupid to even realize it. I’ve seen the things that you say about her; I’ve witnessed the things that you have said about her in your chat. I can only imagine what you have said behind her back!

You are truly a mean old man. Given the evidence of how you treat your friends, how your treated your wife on the day of her death, do you really think that ANYONE is going to believe that you are really an innocent picked on old fool? No, they are not going to believe that. You have left enough of your words on the Net, typed in your own little hand, to show yourself as the true piece of crap that you are. I bet if old acquaintances were interviewed about you they would have quite a story to tell. Murt, your real life friends have turned their backs on you. Why is that? Could it be because most people are not welcoming to your lying, manipulative, scheming ways?

YOU truly are your own worst enemy. In the end, if you do not quit with the lying, the spinning of these fantastic tales, you will find yourself without even your Murtards by your side (they’re already sick of your self-made drama, Murt. Haven’t you noticed them ignoring you in your own chat?)

You are going to go down in a heap of flames, Murt, if you do not stop propagating this nonsense. I always told my son that if someone catches you on something inappropriate that you have said or done then you must always admit to it. You must never lie and say that you didn’t say that or that you didn’t do that, when the truth is that you did. You must own up to it and admit to your actions. The reason is this: if one admits to wrong doing then at least they can maintain their honesty and integrity. Although your actions may not be welcome, by admitting to what you have done or said you will always be able to keep your honor and pride, as you will not be a liar, you will be an honest man. Unfortunately, Murt, it would appear that you mother did not raise you in the same manner. I can’t help but wonder what kind of family you came from that made you such a bastard.

Anonymous said...

According to him, he now has "benefactor(s)" who are paying his way to fly around the country to retrieve their personal computers so that he can continue building his case against his hackers. These are all people who just want to be rid of the "devices" because of what they contain. Rather than ship a harddrive or a DVD/CD, they want him to take the entire PC's in order to help him and to rid themselves of the vile content. ROFL. That ridiculous ranting is so Murt-like. Then he made the fatal mistake about receiving a PC from an informant in another state that was SO LARGE it exceeded UPS weight limits. That's where I drew the line and decided to OUT him publicly.

Anonymous said...

I posted this for Murt on is "THIS IS THE END" blog:

"If you started these broadcasts to show people points of interest in Fla cases - you failed there, too. Remember getting lost (at least several times) trying to find the Water Treatment Plant that was near a ping on Casey's cell phone? You had your mods looking up coordinates and trying to give you directions. When you finally got there, you circled the fenced parking lot and then took off to see the XMAS lights at the Mt. Dora town square!!!! ROFL. So much for being a Florida tour guide. All the while you allegedly had a GPS device on the floor of your van which wasn't plugged in. RIGHT.........FloriDUH. Good Bye, Murt. Hope you enjoyed it while it lasted. Now you have to have a legitimate source of income. Your internet profiteering days are over."
captcha: coneupr. Wonder if that is like con-entrepreneur? LOL

Anonymous said...


"Well, I for one applaud that decision. Your "media" skills to handle such sensitive issues like missing children are sorely lacking. Just sayin....it's not for everybody. How about out of state road trips covering carnivals from town to town? The MURT MONKEY MOBILE. Has a nice ring to it, don't cha think? Bye Bye Murt and the Murtards. We told ya this day was coming and we're not even psychics!!!!!

Anonymous said...

LOL, I wonder what Murt feels like to be so humiliated every time he turns around. Never mind, I don't want to know. He needs to get off the internet, stop scamming people and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Lol - don't "CHA" think, Murt? Get it....CHA CHING, CHA CHING...CHA CHING goes the pennies and nickels in the cup next to your folding lawn chair outside your mobile home at the carnivals in BUMFUC* Egypt and wherever else you follow them.

Anonymous said...

First of all, why in the world would anyone give Murt their computer, for free? Why would anyone pay him to fly across country, to pick up a computer to prove someone hacked him? It's the most ridiculous thing I've ever heard. I knew he was lying instantly, when he posted that he had to have the computer shipped by freight truck. People buy computers online everyday and they are shipped via UPS, Fedex, etc.

The whole computer story wasn't bad enough. Murt had to make things even worse by claiming someone named Roger emailed him a letter concerning a porno, which btw just happens to have Rogers gfriend in it. You'll have to read the post over there to truly understand what I'm saying, but I'll try to explain in short.

Murt claims that Roger emailed him, the only problem is he outed himself as the author (imo) because of what he said. Roger asks Murt if he knows the woman in the picture. Murt replies that he needs more information, such as her name, maiden name, date of birth, parents name, etc. Also, he claims he had to watch the porno, just to gather information, yea right!!! So Roger replies that he doesn't know the womans maiden name, she never told him, but there is a point in the letter he comments that she was married prior to dating Roger. Excuse me for being slow, but wouldn't Roger know the maiden name of his gfriend? If not, wouldn't he just assume her last name wasn't her maiden name, considering he knew she was married prior to dating him? Good gawdddd!!

There is yet another reason to believe Murt might not be on the up and up, haha!! In Roger's letter, he mentions that the ex gfriend worked at McDonald's. Murt receives an email from none other than the ex gfriends boss. What a huge coincidence that Murt posts a letter about a woman who once worked at McD's, and lo and behold, out of all the McD's in the world, and all the blogs in the world, this womans boss just happens to read Murt's blog, as does her ex bfriend. I call bullsh**!!!

Anonymous said...

Who cares? Murt is history. There are bigger fish to fry.

Anonymous said...

Anyone else find it odd that decided to make money following missing childrens cases, having no other source of income, he just thinks there would be missing children locally for him to cover at all times? I find that to be weird, as if he knows there will always be a local missing child. I guess he might be right, considering the day he chooses to quit following them because he's screwed up his chances with the local cases, yet another Florida child goes missing. Weird eh?

I want to comment on the motorhome that he claims is his. It could very well be his, but if it is, it just makes him look that much more ignorant by posting a picture of himself with a motorhome that costs no less than $200,000. When he first posted that picture, people did research on the costs of them and they are very expensive. All he proved by showing the picture was that he does NOT need donations, either that or he is just plain stupid, because who in their right mind wouldn't sell that if they needed money? Can you just imagine the cost of driving that thing cross-country?

Oh well, you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Murty's wife died about 15 months ago and worked for an insurance company before her death. His only child died before she did from diabetes complications. Murt has most likely been living off at least one life insurance policy. But poor Murty's money is at an end so he cheats, lies and steals to get donations.

Anonymous said...

Doubt very much that is his motor home. If it was, it would be parked in his yard and according to all the recent aerial photos, the only thing in his yard are junk cars.