Happy Bunny Day

I'll be back late tomorrow night or
Monday morning. Have a great day
with your family. And for christsake
dont shoot the easter bunny tonight.
Other kids are counting on him.


Hollyholy said...

Bey they's cooking up some squirrel stew fer the big Easter hollyday.

Anonymous said...

That picture is fucking funnier than shit!!!
Great Job!!

Lindy and Apple said...

God is Easter and God does not dwell at MMAC.

How hypocritical. MMAC people hunting eggs with their children in between the posting of how to rape kids.


The Mediation Monitor said...

So, the cool thing about all these ex-MMAC members showing up is that EVERYONE IS UNITED in stopping Josh Melton and his thugs from internet terrorism, racism, antisematic,child porn bullshit, death threats, releasing of private info of members bullshit.

Hello to all, great site to see you at. Everyone come together, grab a marshmellow and join us in the roasting.

Anonymous said...

I've got screen caps of Tabitha's wordpress blog about Brook, QA, and Bay before wordpress took it down for encouraging real-life harassment and stalking.

I complained to Wordpress and they replied to me immediately. I've got two e-mails from a WordPress staff member named M*** who was the tech who terminated Tabitha's blog. He says in the e-mail that he terminated it for asking readers to stalk the women. Tabitha's was the only blog I've seen in this mess that posted real-life addresses, work addresses, and home and work phone numbers and told readers to contact her victims and their employers.

Who should I e-mail the screen caps and correspondence to?

Right now Tabitha has got 2 more blogs up about Bay telling people if they leave comments or tags she'll post bay's real name and phone number. This demented retard even posted Bay's father's name and date of death. I've got screen caps of that too, so whoever needs them can email me at tomcat89@gmx.com.

Anonymous said...

That baby is DIRTY!!!
Look at her feet

Anonymous said...

To the Mediation Monitor: You are so right. We all need to vent a bit about the past, LMAO, but the goal should be clear. Shut the pervs down. Talking to myself here mainly. You don't have to print this, but just typing a few of my responses felt good, lol. There is a group of women posting here that I loathe, but this is not the place for it. Just writing it made me feel better. Keep up the good work. :) I will be a good girl, LOL! There is no "I" in teamwork, haha!

Honey said...

To Mediation Monitor:
Yes, I saw that blog, and what a hypocrite that Bobble is.
BAY did NOTHING to her or about her.
They can't figure out who owns 411 so they blame everyone.
Brook has done NOTHING either and look at what they are doing to her.
QA too, all the wrong people. Nobody knows who 411 is, and they think they do, idiots.
If Bobble was SO fucking worried about her kids pic, she should of MADE DAMN sure she was targeting the right person.
She threw the 1st punch, no she take the ass whopping! A bully will always cry that the fight is unfair if they lose the battle.
And to answer YES someone did call CPS, as well as forward the pics.
Blood-born illnesses are nasty and could kill the little one if that rodent was infected!! What a poor parenting choice!

Anonymous said...

Well said Honey. Mono and his gang have made enemies all across the interwebz. How the fuck would they even begin to know who finally got ticked enough to take action. I would like to sell tickets to the show for people who want to see an end to the threats and harrassment. I would be rich enough to buy my own double-wide....Or maybe a car, like a Camaro or a Mustang...

Who IS 411?

Let's just say maybe it is not the usual suspect. Guess again, dumb-ass! I bet it is right in front of your nose...

You already struck out three times, but I will give you one more guess. Because you know I am your BFF, right and I am sure you would do the same for me.

MMAC 4-ever!