No Sodomy Saturday

Ewwwww! Ewwwww! Ewwwww!!

Would someone remove monoxide from grandmamamooks grasp RAHT NOW before I blow grits?

AAAAH! Hillbilly Butt Babies!

Its lucky we caught them in time or else they may have tried to make some Kenfuckied-up butt babies or shit, given how Monoxide likes to raep and gaep anooses. (Latent hom ....... urgh, nevermind.)

Open topic...talk about whatever you want.


Anon said...

Oh shit, no sodomy saturday, what the hell are they going to talk about over there then? Guess they will just put up more recipes.

Spazz said...

Oh wow, is that mamamook? She isn't going to be able to post over there if its no sodomy saturday. What are she and Josh going to talk about now. Isn't she a grandma? Disgusting.

Anonymous said...

For sure...Mamamook was upset about chatting with Greggaz, who was 16, but cool with threads about raping a child. WTF?

Anonymous said...

LMFAO! She is like a lovesick school girl. It's saaaaaaddd.

I think some haikus are in order.


Anonymous said...

Mook has daughters, right? Wasn't that her reason to keep kids out of MMAC?

Anonymous said...

Over under on total teeth in that picture is 16.

Anonymous said...

MMAC has hit rock bottom. The only people left are the trolls, pursesnatchers, and hillbillies.

Wonder if Mono will take food stamps for donations? Or maybe some farm animals. Everybody can use some extra pigs or chickens.

Anonymous said...

Mid life crisis of a NY social worker. Ethics anyone???

Anonymous said...

OK. For anyone reading here, and I know you are.

Peeps at Justice Quest-including my girl Barn Goddess-cool.

Peeps here-cool.

Mono giving my private info to the rejects from JQ and MMAC-not cool.

Sally, you listening? No wonder you have been banned all over the net. Citrus-Flavored. Dumbass. If I wanted to post as me on Topix, I wouldn't use a proxy puss. You are a sad, lonely loser. You are gonna need some balls if you are gonna impersonate me.

Pom, you are a fucking disappointment.


Zia said...

Mamamook, your behavior makes me ashamed to have exchanged comments on the MMAC forum with you. What a disgusting, pathetic human being.

numbnuts said...

I miss Short Bus Dude! Hope all is well. Good luck on the investigation. I know there are a few going on right now so I will just keep checking back.

Anonymous said...

SBD is prolly laying low due to the ongoing investigation. he doesnt want to jeapordize it. Good for him.. He has the kahunas to follow through even when Josh spews his terror all over the web.

Anonymous said...

Are the blogs Bobble posted with former members info still posted? Seems like that was what started this whole thing, including the rape thread about Short Bus Dude's daughter.

Pom has a signature that says something like-It's the internet, if you can't take a fucking joke, then leave.

Anybody left who thinks it was funny?

Anonymous said...

Why are you posting here? Everyone hates you. Have you not figured that out yet? You have been banned from every forum around and yet you still don't quite get the hint! No one fucken likes you!

Monoxide411 said...

Susan/Citrus Flavoured, or whatever name you're going by today:

Sherry is a sweet person who doesn't tolerate racists and bigots the likes of you. Just because you don't like her because she called you out on your racist shit several months ago doesn't mean that the rest of the world hates her too.

Didn't you get banned from JQ for your racist shit, Susan? That's been months ago.

Hollyholy said...

I guess Sherry and 411, didn't they skanky Susan, Sally, Citrus Flavored POS.

You're the hated one.

Anonymous said...

Right. Way to prove my point Sally/Susan/Citrus. Way to bring the crazy.

Stalk much?

This is not about you. A child had her name and address posted, along with a threat of violence.

The end.


Anonymous said...

Sherry was one of the few people from MMAC that I miss. She was really picked on for a long time there and she hung on. Even sent me a thank you for sticking up for her!

Honey said...

Citrus-Susan whoever:
We love Sherry, she is a stand u gal. PLease don't speak for the entire e-world, you are one person, even though you may have more than one personality, you're still just one lonely dumbass.
Not important, and your opinion is not that of everyone.
How crazy are you to think that you are so damn important that everyone thinks the same as you?
Get a life loser!
Sherry We love you!

Anonymous said...

Why don't you just slither your ass back to the cesspool of ignorance where you belong Bitter Flavored. I'm sure if you manage to pry mamakook off of Mr. MissingManyAChromosome's nuts you can be first in line. I mean who's left? Slobblehead? Just tell her a squirrel dun ranned off wit her pills, yuk, yuk. Do it today since it's 4/20. Abbie's so out of it most of the time so you can only imagine how she's functioning today. Maybe someone should send a wellness check?

Bottom line: Sherry has more class, intelligence, and MORALITY than you or any of the other ignorant, pathetic, stalking internet cowards that you reside among.

Anonymous said...

I am amused that MMAC is finally being the fox and not the hound. All for the LULZ. LMFAO

Anonymous said...

So which one are you, anon 8:31 PM? KKKarole? Rino? Sally? Stupid bigot!