Monoxide is erasing any mention of 411 & sisterwives are pledging loyalty.

Today monoxide is deleting all links and references to our 411 blog as soon as they show up, all the while saying that the blog doesnt matter to him.

monoxide> "I honestly wouldn't spend thirty seconds tracking down a grade A piece of shit like myself. For people to sit around and sleuth somebody out all day long......man you gotta have a pathetic life amirite?"......"I'd like to put this and these people behind us. We are important to them. They are not important to us. We don't need them. They need us."

Typical sisterwife response to ease monoxides nerves:

ABBIE> "people want to bring you down will go to all kinds of lengths to find you and discredit you. I really DON'T want to know anything about you, that ruins half the fun of this. I have to picture you in my mind as Charles (Starkweather. She'd rather see monoxide as a serial killer than who he really is. That says alot, no?) . I find it much more intriguing that way. Some people have to put a pickle in the ice cream every time."

Then abbie, you need to stay away from this blog because a pix of monoxide will be posted in the next day or two and I can tell you that he looks nothing like Starkweather and a lot like the playground wimp that everyone picked on.

Get ready to mix it up, readers, its gonna get real good real fast.


From the inbox

Sometime i might post an email if it has a question that i cant answer. maybe the readers can help answer it.

How did Mono get hooked up with all those women? I know he came from Websleuths and some of the women followed him to MMAC, but what was a 21-year-old guy doing following a case about a lost kid when most guys his age would be out partying and shit? Or if they're on the internet they're usually playing Wotw or something, not blogging with a bunch of middle-age women.

I cant asnwer this, anyone have some imput on it?

To monoxides sisterwives at MMAC

Dont get so upset. its just the internet right? its all about the lulz right? people who get hurt by monoxide are childish right? its all a game, and sometimes your on the losing end of the game. crying about it makes you look childish. right?


Josh, you really ought to call your father.

Hes sad because you cut contact with him. Even though you decided to become an asshole as an adult its no reason to cut him out of your life. Give him a ring. I can give you his number if you forgot it.

Heres a photo of your dad to remind you what he looks like and thats your lil sister that youve never seen too.

Prolly a good thing you dont know her either considering your beliefs about rape, incest and molestation.


Sunday Extra.

Thats a cute kid, no? He looks kind of like monoxide when he was a little boy. Hes sitting in his dads work truck. He doesnt know his big brother. Thats a good thing prolly.

The majority of MMAC members think rape is cool

A poll over at MMAC today started by Monoxide (aka Josh Melton):

View Poll Results:

Is Rape Ok?
Yes 6 54.55%
No 5 45.45%

The best post in response to the poll was this:

This is un-fucking-believable! You people should be embarrassed by yourselves. Mono is obviously trying to see just how far he can push you rejects until you stop sucking his cock. I guess it wasn't enough that he already chased away all the intelligent, reasonable and likeable people away from this board. Do you all really think we all just decided to take a break away from this board for no reason at all? Everyone still posting at this board needs to take a long look in the mirror and decide if you want to be a decent human being or a cyber-sex-LULZ-slave to someone WHO HATES YOUR FREAKING GUTS. Go on... keep sucking his dick... he likes to see you crying while you do it.

I didn't get the name of the person who posted that but I got to say "Rock on." You called it as it is.

What is the malfunction with the rest of the people over there? There are only a couple of guys posting over there so these are women over there who think that rape is cool.

Women who think rape, incest and molestation is cool. Have they been hoodwinked by Monoxide or are they just fucked up people who are drawn to MMAC because of their fucked-upness?

I've recieved some emails begging for moar info about Monoxide. I've got it and its coming. I'm just trying to decide when, not if.


Who is Monoxide of MMAC?


Name: Joshua Wxxxx Melton

DOB: March x, 1987
Kentucky address: xxx Cherokee Hills, Hazard, KY.
Florida Address: 38122 Frank St., Lady Lake, FL.

Last known phone: 606-233-3xxx
Other phone: (606) 436-2xxx

Internet presence:

IP address:
IP city: Knoxville, TN
created 05/30/2008

(that went over like a lead zeppelin didnt it son?)

Identity: jmelton
Location: Knoxville, TN
Member since: 02/10/2008

mirc chat Identity: MonoxideMMAC
identity: Monoxide

Identity: Josh_Melton

Identity at various forums across the net: monoxide1717


Parents: Bxxxx Jxxx Helton Melton and Wxxxxxx Melton Jr.
Married 1982 Divorced 1999
Age at Divorce: Mother - 32 ; Father - 34

Mother remarried: Jxxx Exxx Sandham
Divorced: 1999
Reason: Domestic violence

Mother's occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse (TN registration)

Sibling: Wxxxxxx Melton III
DOB: September 16, 198x

Father remarried:
1) Lxxx Brashears 1999 Divorced 2001
2) Cxxxxxx G. Combs 2001 Still married

Stepsiblings (cute kids too):

Dxxxxx Jakob Melton 2003/xx/18
Kxxxxxxx Danielle Melton 2005/xx/14

Monoxide tries to hide his website data now behind some offshore registration company, but theres a handy tool out there he forgot about.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

This is the end of our first report on Joshua W. Melton. We saved some more for when we feel like monkeying around again. Might be tonight or tommorow or never. In the mean time Melton, you want to mix it up its all for the lulz well this begins your payback.


Monoxide's Bedtime Story

Monoxide wrote this bedtime story for his sick members to read. It was passed to me through my email today. If you've got something about Monoxide that you want published here send me an email at monoxide411@gmail.com. I will not respond to you but I will read your email and decide if it is something that belongs here.

This is what entertains the dickless assholes and hags over at MMAC, from March 25 2009:

Monoxide Administrator
Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 9,436

A Bedtime Story

You wake up in the middle of the night with your female laying beside of you. You chance over and quickly become aroused. As you reach over and grab her breast you instantly become erect. The female wakes up and begins rubbing your erect p***s. You begin licking and fingering her p***y to get it wet and ready. You finally penetrate her wet p***y with your fully erect p***s. You insert a small portion of your index finger in her a**h*** while you roughly pound her tight p***y. Finally you are on the verge of c*****g. You pull your finger out of her a**h*** and stick it in her mouth just as you c** inside of her. After a few moments you roll over and close your eyes."

Goodnight mom." you whisper right before you fall asleep.


How did his members react to this sickness?

Defender of retailers
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Mono... what a heart warming family story. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Waltons. hahahahahahahagoodnight, johnboy

Chloroform Casey
Leave me out of it
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whatta lovely story..... you need visuals though dude

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tell us more daddy.

Join Date: Sep 2008
Posts: 9,436

It took some time and experimentation to come up with. hehe


I hear that all of these women are mothers and they're laughing about incest and molestation. O_o


The Truth is Coming

It won't be long, it'll all be out there. If you have been harassed by the dude who goes by MonoxideMMAC aka Monoxide the admin of http://www.mixedmartialartscentral.org then watch this blog.

Monoxide's MO:

  • prank calling people and making wild threats all day and all night
  • threatening to slit people's throats and do other things to them
  • posting pics of kiddy porn in a chat room because hes not wanted there
  • giving out peoples names and email who register at his site
  • telling the dumb hag friends of his to go after a people he doesnt like
  • trying to kill other peoples web sites by harassing them
  • being a general asshole on the internet
  • saying its all for the lulz
  • and more than i have time to type

He goes after people for no reason because his own life is miserable so its time for his payback. Watch here and it'll all be out in the open soon.