Evidently a sisterwife is leaving MMAC

I dont know which one this is but she says shes leaving. If anyone knows who this is can you comment and fill me in?


Zuz****.Nov*****@gmail.com says:

I just wanted to say that I have not been at MMAC since last Saturday. I asked that my account be deleted but I don't know if it was or not because I haven't been back. I heard that someone was chatting under my name last night but it wasn't me. If you don't believe it, I suggest you check the ip if it happens again. I don't really care what anyone thinks but there's the truth if you want it. I'm not reading at either board anymore. I've had enough. Believe it or not... entirely up to you. I certainly don't know what to believe anymore and I'm tired of trying to decide.


All I can say Zuz is:

cry me a river


Mike said...

So this person who is leaving his board is tired of trying to figure it out? Its pretty simple, racism, child porn, incest. Thats what your forum owner posts about. FIGURE THAT OUT!

Hollyholy said...

Gotta agree with Mike on this one.
And let's not forget rape, harassment, trolling members, threatening members, prank calling, and on, and on, and on, etc., etc, etc.

Saffron said...

I've heard whispers that it is McDidIt.


It seems as though some of these "Ladies" are finally opening their eyes and seeing just what kind of person this "Mono" really is. Thank you for exposing the truth.

Saffron said...

I think it's incredible that these morons believe Mono when he says he's checking IP addresses of people whose "hats" have been taken over and they match their original IP addresses. Interesting.... especially since MONO is the only one who can take over the "hats" and is the one "checking" the IP addresses. Quit being stupid and drinking the Kool-Aid.

Anonymous said...

CC just posted this:

Ok... I have had enough!!!! I just found out I was lied to by someone I trusted and I am done. I have been accused left and right of shit I haven't even done. I really loved this place, but I can't stay here anymore. I am gonna miss everyone that was nice to me but I'm sick of the bullshit. So to everyone that I will miss, peace and love To you assholes that have lied to me, FUCK YOU!!!!!

Reality said...

If it's McDidit, it has nothing to do with morals.

She returned to her throne after the racist and baby-rape comments and made fun of the posters who stood up to Mono and left.

There's no excuse for any of the posters who stayed after the New Year's blow-up, when the main group left and Mono changed their names.

Anonymous said...

....hello?....CC "just found out" she'd been lied to? Ha ha ha ha!!!!

Anonymous said...

I think some of these sisterwives are playing like they are hurt and lied to and leaving..so they can please Mono by being in on some LULZ!!! They LOVE to be Monos fave and want him to like them the best. Childish freaks....

Hollyholy said...

Does anyone really believe that CC has been accused of things that she hasn't done?

Does she think that everyone is as blind or stupid as she is?

Her comment is a transparent ploy to gain the confidence of those who have deserted MMAC.

BTW, we see you in chat CC. You have never fooled anyone.

Anonymous said...

CC really is a moron - she's been being lied to and played the entire time she's been on the site.

It was one of my favorite ongoing jokes. No way she did not know everyone was in on it but her.

OMG - sooo funny,.

Lostone said...

Don't get too excited think CC has left MMac. She hasnt! Just check this site


And see that she was there today. Today as in Friday April 3rd 2009! It's only 2 am and she has already been there today.

Brit said...

Well blow me!

Does this mean she may finally start taking care of the kid instead of sucking on Mono's dick.


Anonymous said...

VBulletin was warned about what Mono was doing. When asked if Mono SHOULD delete user information when they choose to depart, VBullein said Mono should have done as requested. Mono refused. Once his real identity is known, he'll get sued. Now there's someone to blame if your identity ever gets stolen.

Hollyholy said...

Please post all members that have said they have quit mmac and are still chatting with their fucking loser cohorts.

They should be exposed and I'm certain your readers would like to know as well.

Anonymous said...

Whoever it is, she'll be back. It always happens. Someone gets their panties in a twist and disappears for a week or two only to show back up in the forum as if nothing happened. Quick, Nunya, Mamamook, McDidit- all are guilty. They can't live without their fuckless leader.