So close, bobble.

You know the old saying? Close only counts in horseshoes and hand grenades? It doesn't count in this deal I offered you. You deleted 2 blogs. You have 2 more to go. Take those down and then I hold up my end of the deal.

At least you started. I have to give you credit for that. As soon as you finish taking down the 2 blogs you haven't deleted, I do my part.

Keep them down. Don't put up any new ones about people who have left MMAC. If you ever put them back up, I'll find a clever new way to use the photos I have.

Now, for the readers - here's a funny for you:


Anonymous said...

Actually, I think one of 'em was shut down by wordpress and not taken down willingly. (Didn't you mention this in an earlier post though? Sorry if you had.)

Anonymous said...

"Cricket, cricket."

Any word on the other blogs?

As she has become Mono's new BFF, I hope she is lining up child care for her upcoming stint in jail. Surely she doesn't think Mono won't pin all this on her and Geeky? He is at least smart enough to get them to do his dirty work.

He has prolly erased his tracks by now, while they are still baawwwing all over the internet.

Way to look good for CPS Bobble. Your online masterpieces featuring hate for Jewish peeps will be a perfect accompaniment to your family photo album. You really are an Internet Einstein.

Anonymous said...

Good job, Bobble. You're almost there!

LMMFAO at Debra Jackson!! Just gotta love them hillbillies!

Anonymous said...

Is she Bubble's neighbor lady?

Anonymous said...

That filthy little kid could be the poster child for dysfunction.

Anonymous said...

LOL! Mono is throwing Bobble under the bus as we speak! Look out Bobble, Mono is right behind ya. Who is next?

Maybe Mono will bail your backwards hillbilly asses out of jail with his donation money. I hope you have Uncle Daddy on speed dial, Bobble.

We know he didn't pay his HostGator bill, right?

Keep telling yourselves that.

Hollyholy said...

You know, she's had ample warning. I'm sure the FBI has seen them and knows that Bubble and Geeky posted those remaining blogs, as well as the deleted ones.

Anyone have anymore squirrel and baby pictures?

Anonymous said...

I feel so much pressure to look really good when I go to Walmart. It's true. Some days it's just easier to slum it at the Dollar Store.