US Humane Society and The 411 unite for Save Our Squirrels campaign!

The US Humane Society and Monoxide411 announced today that they have come together together for the SOS campaign. Save Our Squirrels. The campaign headquarters will be located in Hueysville Kentucky, as this is where it seems a great many squirrels are going missing, leaving no trace but a few empty acorn husks in their wake.

The USHS and M411 plan to provide each little furry tailed rodent in Floyd County with a suit of armor that will repel most shotgun and rifle ammo.

If you'd like to help in this campaign, please send checks or money orders to:

Save Our Squirrels
93 Bum Fuck Road
Middleofnowhere, KY 83342

Donors of over $100 will receive our campaign tee shirt. Hurry! Supplies are limited!


Hollyholy said...

You're killing me here, 411.
Geektard and Bubbletard, this squirrel's for you.


Hey, I want one of those t-shirts but can I have one that autographed? lol. All joking aside, I wanted to stop by to let all of you know that I think you are doing a wonderful thing here and these people, ALL OF THEM, need to be exposed for the fucktards that they are. Just so you know, today and noon I have an appointment with an agent at the FBI office in St.Pete to discuss the complaint that I filed last week when my family was threatened and all the harassing phone calls started. Now I am not sure how this will go but from what I was told, it is not illegal to post ones personal information online but what is illegal is when one uses that information to do harm to another as in my case and many others, this is what the FBI has told me that they label as "Terrorist Threats" and believe me when I say that whatever I can do to help you shut this group down, I WILL DO! This has gone on long enough and it is time to stop once and for all. Just a word to those of you who post here that are MMAC for life as you say.... GET OUT WHILE YOU STILL CAN! Ok I'm done but I will let you know how this turns out later today. Have a wonderful day and I look forward to the next post.

Anonymous said...

OMG. This blog just gets better and better. Can you organize a protest like PETA? I would love to pelt some of these hillbillys with nuts.

Anonymous said...

Cool SBD. The thread over there about your daughter complies with those requirements. I hope they can also recover things that may be deleted. Can they recover private messages, or maybe even private forums that could have been deleted? I bet there is much more interesting material to be found.

For the people still left there. Grow some balls and get off the fence. I was a long time, die hard MMAC'er. Don't you guys wonder where we all went?

Free speech rocks. Internet harrassment sucks ass. Threatening sexual violence against a child will get all your asses thrown in jail. All those posts about, "I am always so lost", or "I just can't figure out what is happening" are bullshit. Read the threads. READ THE THREADS.

It is NOT the same place it was, and you are kidding yourselves thinking it is. You will find someplace else to hang out, or better yet, go play with your kids.

Just keep the dead squirrels out of their mouths.

Fucking rocket scientists.