Monday afternoon update: WIN.

Here at the blog we're getting over 1000 unique visitors and 2500 page loads daily. Thanks for visiting us, readers.

As of our last peek into the world that is monoxide, MMAC is reduced to two posters pretending to be members who left because of the admin-driven abuse there. Alls left is a couple of impotent convicts switching ex-members hats. And Bobblehead whos running from thread to thread bawwwing that someone wants get her baby "took" away. Get a grip, girl.

I guess when youre an unemployable, you can spend 16 hours online each day pretending to be someone youre not. Theres not much of a labor market out there for purse-snatching druggies with theft-by-deception convictions. Or for drunken hillbillies with extensive criminal records. These two retards dont realize the biting irony when they make fun of people for the places they work. The thing is - the people theyre making fun of do WORK. Unlike the unemployable retards at MMAC.

Ahhh well, let the inbreds have their circle jerk. At least their mothers dont have to lock up the fambly cutlery when theyre tiddly-wanking around on the internet. Right Magnolia and Betty?

We're working on some new stuff. We'll update you as soon as we have it. Thanks for making our blog an unbelievable success.


Zia said...

Josh has fucked over so many people that they're flocking here to see him finally get his due. Keep it up 411. Just like all his little teenboi hacker love-buddies from the UK, he needs to be driven off the Web.

Anonymous said...

Yes I for one am glad to see him get his just deserts. He's a low life.

Hollyholy said...

Noodlehead aka Internet Einstein, boo fucking hoo.
Yer child is FAAAAAAT and UGGGGGGLY. Feeding the little ungendered fuck too many squirrels are we Booblehead? Making sure to drip squirrel blood all over your bambino before Bradley roasts him some yummy squirrel and possum roadkill.

You are a fucking hillbilly retard. You and yer boifriend Bradley go whoop it up in the hills and ravage each other you slovenly hogs.

Anonymous said...

Sorry link didn't work last time. Plz delete. Is this the same JM?


Anonymous said...

Nope, not the same guy. Thats a fact too, he was too busy sitting in jail for a year in Iowa when that happened, lol.