A War of Identities

People who left MMAC are now being threatened by monoxide's posse. These sycophants of monoxides are claiming that they're going to post names, addresses, phone numbers, and photos of those people on 4chan and other sites.

ChloroformCasey, McDidit, Mamamook, Pom - are you sure that you want "Dutch" to go there? You realize of course that you're not the only people armed with information about the other party right? You're not the only people with the capabilities to post at 4chan. What a dumb move that would be on your part.

People have been begging me to out ChloroformCasey on 411. They have been emailing me info about her. And she actually provided enough info about herself that she was easy to find. I could have outed her if I wanted to, but I had no reason to. She has wisely removed herself from the battle and has been mostly quiet about it. But should her friend carry through on his threat, she will see herself here as will others.

Pom and others - you betray the trust of people who once trusted you and considered you friends by giving this information to people who want to hurt your former friends. Are you so stupid not to realize that you exchanged info with your former friends? That you gave out your real names, phone numbers, addresses, and additional information that made sleuthing you quite easy? Rose Abate? Did you think that that fake name would hide your real identity?

Information about people who stayed on the sidelines has not appeared in this blog because I have had no impulse or reason to use it. But should your pal "Dutch" decide to carry through on his threats, then each of you - and others - can expect to see your photos and information here and elsewhere.

And, as for you, "Dutch," you had your own daughter and wife on your ustream cam. And you want to threaten others with outing them?

Do you really want to go there? Your decision. If you make good on your threats, then you can expect to be confronted by the backlash your rash decision provokes.

(So much for this blog moving in a new direction. Thank you to the readers who appreciated that new direction. Hopefully we can drop this idiot stuff and move back to exploring true crime and other topics that we had intended to discuss here.)


Anonymous said...

The direction you are on now is the right one. You have to expose Monoxide and his players before you can ever move on to anything else.

Make no bargains to CC and the others. They have hurt a lot of people and need to pay for what they did.

Anonymous said...

Head the warning, fuckwads.

I hate all your fucking guts.

La Cubana

Anon said...

I just received an email Apparently six ex-mmac members are now being threatened with the releasing of private info on Josh Meltons new site. Same shit, different site. Sure Dutch has it aka Tommy, but we know its Josh.

I am sorry I ever joined MMAC. Here is the post.

Join Date: Apr 2009
Posts: 163
Default Dutch

you like to copy and paste shit? Dont fuck with me, I have all your info and this thread is dedicated to you, so tell XXXX and XXXX and XX and XXXXX, oh yea and XXXXX to stay the fuck away from here or I "will" start posting pictures phone numbers and addys in here and on 4chan.... Let you know Im not fucking around anymore...STAY AWAY!!

Anonymous said...

The blog should move in a new direction eventually, true. But threatening people is nothing new for this group of internet losers. You guys got in over your heads with Mono, but that is your own fault.

So I am all for outing these cowards if they keep it up.

Yep, maybe some of you think this is childish and petty. But people lose jobs and spouses when their online activities are revealed. It is a two-way street.

That e-mail you sent out to all the ex-mmacers really sucks, and sums up what these people are about. Of course we know where the spam came from, and where you got the addresses.

Spamming porn is not hacking. You are just bringing in a whole new group of people who are going to want to see you all behind bars.

Anonymous said...

I can't wait for the MMAC soldiers to be exposed. Now that we know all about Mono, Bobble and Geekwad, it's time for some info on Tommy, Pom and CC.
I think someone has a pretty good government job, it would suck to lose those benefits.
And someone else has a husband who might like to hear about her porn posting and e-love with strange men.
Go for it, it's a long time coming.

Anonymous #8 said...

Thats what they do. They threaten with private info. They get you to join a forum then you better watch out. Thugs.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:38, If someone has a gubmint job, specially if it has security clearance, could they afford to get tangled in this mess? I think not.

Monoxide411 said...

To the first commenter Im not going to expose people just to malign them. If they strike I strike back. I dont monkey with people unless I have justification. If anyone from Rosey Poms forum carries through their threat then they get a backlash. All I know is that I heard CC walked away from MMAC and hasnt hurt anyone since this all blew up and that she deleted her blogtv account and quit intruding with SBD too. She didnt tell mono to keep going with the crap. If you have proof she did other wise then email it to me. If Dutch who admins the new forum where they all post now posts peoples ids anywhere then hes forcing his friends to suffer for his stupidity.

Its easy to understand. They drop it we drop it. They bump it up a notch we meet them on the playground.

They walk away and do there own thing then we go back to discussing true crime and other topics that intrests us end of story.

Anonymous said...

Anyone who keeps posting at a place where the admin says he's going to post people's identities is ignorant....won't he do the same thing to you when you piss him off next month or next year?

I'm glad I walked away from the whole lot of the former MMAC tards.....they can give themselves new names and to to a new forum....but they're still jepoardising themselves by associating with the same abusers.

Anonymous said...

I understand not playing tit fo tat, but i think the 411 gives CC too much slack...She was in on the shit, prolly still is. some of the peeps that were "outed" by Mono and Gobblehead had just left a forum..no reason to dis them in public. I say take the gloves off...throw CC in the ring..

Anonymous said...

It is pretty telling regarding CC that she was one of the biggest shit talkers, mono's personal little ho, all E-Tough...then as soon as things got warm, she was the first one to run away and hide.

She did not leave because she realized what she was doing and involved in was wrong, she left because she was afraid. What a hypocrite/coward.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand something. CC can lie, Lulz, and get away with everything that she has done to others simply because she walked away from MMA.
If I remember this right, CC got pissed off cause she was lied too and then walked away. She didn't care about all of the damage that she did to others until it was done to her.
I don't want to see her personal info posted, but I would like to have a crack at cyber bitch slapping her.

Anonymous said...

CC deserves to be exposed after what she did to other people on the MMAC forum. She was Mono's right-hand (wo)man for many months and in with all the lulz. I don't care if she gets in trouble, she earned it.

Anonymous said...

If CC is finally off the internet does that mean her kid will actually get some attention???
If you post her info, make sure and drop a line to Child Services. They need to have a chat with her.