Screwsday Tuesday

We'll start this Tuesday with the following Public Service Announcement:

This is your brain in its safe styro carton:

This is your double-yolked brain before posting at MMAC:

This is a retarded hillbilly contemplating the mysteries of the natural world as exhibited by your double-yolked brain, which this retard in her 25 years of life has never seen and must blog about:

This is the same retard's fat paw, pointing at your brain before she puts the whisk to it.

This is your hard-scrambled brain while posting at MMAC, before it ends up in the belly of a hongry retard.

This is all that's left of your MMAC-riddled brain. Only a husk of its former self.

Any questions?

Bobble's "ZOMG A Dbl Yolk Egg blog" here.

(Sorry for my feeble attempt to satirize, metaphorize, and allegorize Bobble's inane blog and the 1970s "your brain on drugs" PSA commercial. I thought it was funny anyway.)


Hollyholy said...

You're not alone, 411. I thought it was funny, too.
Ah, the miracle of the 2 yolk egg. Shall wonders never cease.

Can you say, "RETARD"?

Anonymous said...

My friend watched that PSA about "This is your brain on drugs"
with her son.

She asked him what he thought it would teach children. His reply? "It will make them not want to eat eggs."

I think my friend is related to Bobble, LMAO!

Anonymous said...


Them thar double yolkers are really fargin nifty.

If you read her blog you would think she found a fossil. I think she should write a poem about it and then copyright it.

Anonymous said...

Wait. Did the trash really photograph the trash?

Oh the irony.

Anonymous said...

I hope she's not giving her child Juicy Juice

Ya, It aint her fault she be's so fat maibe it be a medical condition.

No, Maybe you're pouring 90% pure sugar down her throat you ignorant inbreed.

Monoxide411 said...

Something like:

I was so hongry I cracked a shell.
An double yolk egg into the bowl fell.
I was so excited a photo I taked.
So no one would thinked that the egg was faked.
I scrambled that egg in fat salted butter.
As that egg cooked my heart were aflutter.
The egg got did and put on my plate.
In my belly it went, that poor eggy's fate.
I writed about the miraculous egg on my blog.
I only ate 3 eggs I am not a hog.
Even though my arm and cheek shows I am a big un.
I can't resist showing the world 2 eggs in 1.

Anonymous said...

I wish a tornado would come thru Kinfucky and sweep this retard up and away.

Consider it nature weeding out the stupid.

Anonymous said...

Who took these photos? I thought it was the owner of this blog, but are you saying it was Bobble? I can't tell from your metaphorizing, allegorizing and satirizing. I just want to know who took the photos.

Monoxide411 said...

Hello, Mrs. McDidit.

Why do you ask?

Anonymous said...

Bobble took them, they were on her blog.

Anonymous said...

If she has eggs in the house, why is she feeding her daughter squirrels?

Anonymous said...

Oh dear lord, that is priceless!

"the egg got did and put on my plate."

Nom Nom Nom

I bet she thinks if she plants those eggs, she might grow herself one of them Easter Bunnies.

Anonymous said...

Those are squirrel eggs.

Anonymous said...

Um, Tabz, do you realize the plate you have next to the pan is upside down? Ah, no matter. So are you.

Anonymous said...

Maybe, they are HER eggs? YIKES!!!!

Clementine Hoggreaser said...


That poem done made me crack a toofless smile just for all y'all!

I feel so edumacated now, thanks 411!


Clementine Hoggreaser

PS, I got my name from using Tabz name in a redneck name generator. LOL Ya'll try it now, ya hear!


Honey said...

OMG...I hope that she called "Ripley's Believe it or Not"
You-ins cood git som moolah fer that rite der.
Now I have seen it all, double yolk aka miracle.

Anonymous said...

Would that include posting pornographic material in front of the underage Greggaz?

Hmmm..I wonder.

Anonymous said...

Are the blogs still up?


Release the hounds.

Fucktards, you could have avoided all the draaaaaama.

Oh well.

Anon is amused. Anon hates child porno. Or fucktards.

Both are in play here.

Anonymous said...

That double yolked eggy's mama came a looking for her poor little twins.
I had to sadly inform her that they was scrambled and et by Bubblefuck.
She's very upset. Who knows what this bereaved mama will do.

Sue Ellen Otis