Is it possible for racists to truly care about justice?


Over the past month or 2, a new trend has developed in true crime internet circles in which people are basically outing themselves as being racially prejudiced. I figure it's a new trend. Maybe I just wasn't paying attention before. Maybe they didn't stand so prominently on the soapbox as they do now. Maybe they're emboldened by like company.

These people won't tell you that they're racists - they declare quite the opposite.

But when they pass universal judgments about entire peoples from the position of their own white privilege then they're racists.

Obama is a "nigger" who only won the election because he's black.

Black people should quit bitching about slavery.

Japs deserved to be forced into internment camps. Slant eyed bastards.

Mexicans are filthy and lazy and sponge off the system.

Jews are greedy and evil and only care about money and the holocaust.

Brown desert people are innately violent and want to kill everyone.

Indigenous Americans are too sensitive about sports caricatures.

And on and on and on. And on. I guess some of these people think that they live in a post-racial world and that their racists opinions aren't racists at all, but are "informed" and "evolved." How little they know about history, to hold such views.

It's ironic to me that the very people who possess such bigoted attitudes about other races are so involved in true crime forums, blogs, chatrooms. Most of these people will say that the main reason they follow true crime cases is because they want to see the guilty face justice. They care about justice. But what is justice?

The most fundamental aspect of justice in the United States system is that all people are the same under the eyes of the law. Regardless or race, creed, sex, they shall be treated equally in the court of law. Unfortunately, that ideal is not always met in criminal cases in the U.S. (I feel that that's as much a class thing as a race thing - we can discuss that later; even by comparing the media treatment of Caylee and Haleigh the class differentiations are evident in disparities in media attention given to the two cases).

So back on topic, my question is this. How can someone who claims to care about justice be so unjust in their views of other races? Bigotry is grounded in unequal treatment. (And ignorance.)

Look at forums around the true crime net. Forums for Caylee, and Haleigh (though attention to her case is quickly dissipating), and Jon Benet. But hardly any mention of black children who are missing. Is that because that's supposed to happen in poor black communities, but when it happens in middle-class white suburbia, it's a freak occurrence and therefore newsworthy?

I think I'm rambling so let me get back to the main reason I wrote this today. My question.

Can racists care about justice? Do racists gravitate towards each other, even in the e-world? Blog guests, what are your opinions on this topic?



Anonymous said...

Its not "racist"its "racisit" Don't you know anything?

MissMissy said...

I'm really glad you posted this. Where I live (yep Kentucky) racism is a HUGE HUGE problem. I never realized it was so bad until Obama was elected. So many people here are against him just because of the color of his skin. In the beginning I was against him too, only because I didn't agree with some of his policies. Well, since he became president I think he has done a wonderful job, and I said so one time in front on my in-laws, BIG BIG BIG mistake. They won't even come around me now! I kid you not! And I thought they were great people, until they actually started using the N word around me! Some people! I'm also really glad you included the Jews, and the Holocaust in this post. Many people do not realize in this day how badly the Jews are still discriminated against. My actual Final Exam was on Proving the events of the Holocaust took place, along with the Zyclon-B for gassings. Some skeptics actually refer to it as the "Holohoax"!!! Sorry so long, but I really loved this post. GOOD JOB!

Anonymous said...

Wow. Very powerful blog entry, and so timely. One of my favorite sites for true crime information recently posted a truly ignorant, yet unbelievably arrogant entry. I had to re-read it several times. I assumed they had been hacked and it was a joke. It was very eye-opening, and the comments left threatening the readers who disagreed with the blog writers were frightening.

Anonymous said...

I am very shocked at the racism. It is amazing how someone can be so prejudical. It is a sad day when BET is used as proof that "whitey" is now the one being discriminated against. Have these people turned on a TV? Almost every channel out there is WET (White Entertainment TV, lol). It is ridiculous when people have to justify being able to watch TV shows that have characters who look like they do. I watch shows on any channel if they are good. Most of my friends of color do the same, they just like to occasionally see someone who looks like they do.

Anonymous said...

yes. The trend has certainly infiltrated several forums that I'm aware of. They shall remain nameless because this is about MMAC, so that will be the only one named.

Honey said...

I love the cartoon. You see the racism is a big problem even today, 2009 and people are still breeding hatred.
It shows me how unintelligent they are, I bet my waist is a higher number than their IQ, and I'm a size 5.

A Spic said...

Anonymous, I think I saw the same article, shocked me. It was one of my favorite sites also. There were some obvious upset commenters and the thing that got me was how they fired back at them. Unreal, they even were called b*tches. That site has gone down hill for sure. I took offense to the word "spic" although they spelled it wrong.

Tigger said...

Anonymous, the site you said will remained unamed because this is about mmac. I will tell you they reside at mmac. Unbelievable, like minds I guess.

Anonymous said...

It's very telling when a racisit cannot even spell the racial slurs that they are using....."spick?" Sorry. It's "spic" and its "racist."

It would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic.

Nah. It's funny.

The Mexican said...

1] People with racist beliefs exhibit stereotype-based prejudices towards individuals and groups of people according to their race.

Racist according to Wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

I agree with everything you have said

and btw, why all the sudden are people over at MMAC deciding to post such personal info? The got allover one person for doing so in the past, now they act all fucking sweet sweet
Makes me sick

Anonymous said...

Said the Kike:

I read this on MMAC:

How many Jews does it take to fill an ashtray?

Depends on the size of the ashtray.

So to MMAC and Mono I say: Fuck you and fuck your
Mother, like Mono dreams he's doing. And to all the rest of you racist pigs out there in internet land,
take a good long look in the mirror and think about what others see in you. Deep down you know you are scumbags. Everyone else knows it too.

PS. Besame culo.

Queen Esther

Anonymous said...

First they came...

When the Nazis came for the communists,
I remained silent;
I was not a communist.
When they locked up the social democrats,
I remained silent;
I was not a social democrat.
When they came for the trade unionists,
I did not speak out;
I was not a trade unionist.
When they came for the Jews,
I remained silent;
I was not a Jew.
When they came for me,
there was no one left to speak out.

"First they came…" is a poem attributed to Pastor Martin Niemöller (1892–1984) about the inactivity of German intellectuals following the Nazi rise to power and the purging of their chosen targets, group after group.


Anonymous said...

racism according to Urban Dictionary:

A state of mind in which one's skin is a better color than someone else's. see crap

Anonymous said...

Ole to dat! Margaritas for everyone!

Anonymous said...

OH hell NO . There is a rumor being spread amongst the unlucky.
I was informed yesterday that mma's members had recently started a new forum ! That's just the cat's meow! I'm flabbergasted to say the least!
Rumors are circulating behind closed doors ! The so called speculations why those cabbage patch kids have ceased the forum threads and replies misdirect us from locating the privately manufactured forum they've created .My understanding in a nut shell from this is there's a new private forum to discuss current events related to whats going on lately.,The 'dead' forum is only there as a manipulation to sway us to not find the real threads ! Its quiet shocking in my book! I wanted to share this tidbit of information with my online besties!
Although I am not 100 % sure the fact in this, but I viewed it as important.

I heard a few other instances going down, but my fifteen minute break is ending and unfortunately must return to the old ball and chain so to speak!
Peace Love and Happiness as always!

Anonymous said...

Which "cabbage patch kids" are you referencing Linda?

And which forum?

Why post that here, especially in this topic?

We all know nothing is really private on the net, and we all can go where we want.

I'm guessing there are several forums forming. That generally happens.

Maybe it is relevant to this topic. It is a free country after all.


Monoxide411 said...


Shame you wasted so much space posting an indecipherable message.

Anonymous said...

Here, let me translate...You need a fucktard translater for that...

I am a dumb-ass on the library computer using the free internet. I have nothing better to do but comment on this fucking awesome blog since they blocked my access to porn here. The homeless guy waiting for his turn next to me is getting cranky, so I am typing fast and my punctuation sucks today. I ran out of Mad Dog 20/20, so I am gonna blow him in return for a couple of drinks later. Where are all my old friends from MMAC? Not the fucktards, the smart ones. My head hurts.


Anonymous said...

To Linda:

Whatcha talkin' 'bout, Willis?

Peace Out

Laverne Difazio

Anonymous said...

My dearest Linda,

I Luv My Mop.

Anonymous said...

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And there you have it, the Fucktard 8 ball never lies.

Anonymous said...

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