Fubar Friday

I'm getting some funny dispatches from the MMAC trailer park. Here's the best:

From *******@

Over at MMAC it's a ghost town. Only a handful of retards is left, like Abbie and bobblehead, who both are too stupid to know whats going on around them, yet feel the need to post about it anyway. Then there's mcdidit, who likes to talk just so she can hear herself. ChlorofomCasey is upset that her future babystepdaddy didnt turn out to be the Prince Charming she had dreamed. Monoxide is still ghosting and posting as other members who've long left or been banned; it's like a meth-fueled marionette show. The most loyal to mono are reaching out to those who left through pm's, emails and such, trying to get info....but that isn't working. Please don't post my email address and blow my cover.


Anonymous said...

Was wondering who was still hanging around over there. Curious what happened to Crys, Nunya, Bay...saw earlier that Quick and Brook left earlier.

Is that Mono's mom on the couch, or CC?

Damn, this blog just keeps getting better and better.

Hollyholy said...

If you don't already know Anonymous @ 9:47 AM, Nunya and Brook were trolled by Mono posing as Honey/Holly in MMAC chat. They were degraded and called a variety of racist and insane names.

As far as I know, Crys and Bay are still posting at MMAC.

I believe that's CC on the couch.

Anonymous said...

Most of us left due to the discovery of his extreme racism. What he is doing right now under Brooklyn's hat is repugnant. She was very much for civil rights and has an african american boyfriend.

He has resorted to putting up pictures of Lynchings now. She is banned and cannot post to retaliate or defend herself. The guy is just so fucking pathetic and I would say mentally ill just like his mother. The apple didn't fall too far from Betty Jean's tree.

Honey said...

Bobblehead is just the right name for her. No brains just like a plastic doll.
Who is that on the couch? I bet it's CC or the real Bobble.
I wonder if these posters are even real, I bet Mono made them up, I would also bet that Mono is Butterface, and Abbie. Lord knows the good ones are gone, and the ones that very seldom post are just there because of fear of what Mono would do.
He is a weird looking guy, not wonder he never posted a pic of himself.

Anonymous said...

I think CC is Mono's mom. :)

Anonymous said...

If anyone remembers Geeky - he's not bobbleheads roomate/bf. Same IP as Mono - part of his romancing of Bobblehead. He took up for her.

Most of his posters were fine ignoring his racist, socialpathic, pedophile, ways. MMAC would be alive and well had he not violated his most sacred rule.

Don't fuck with our own - there are more then enough people on the internet to fuck with.

those billions of peeps were not enough, he had to take advantage of whatever trust he had gained - and attacked his own members.

LULZ...I guess it was funny for him and CC at the time.

Anonymous said...

Never saw this coming. I actually thought mono would be ok - if not slightly misguided.


Mike said...

It wasn't even funny when he did it to others outside his board. The guy was sick. Posting child porn on others chats? Death threats to other site owners and their families. Come on..people...you still trusted the bastard. Don't you guys have any boundries. Fools.

Hollyholy said...

OMG! I always thought that Bobble, the internet Einstsein, was Mono's sister, relative or drugged up girlfriend. It never occurred to me that it was actually Mono.

Wow, the mental cases really didn't fall too far from mama Helton Melton's tree.

abster said...

Well I enjoy being called a retard. I never did anything to any of you so why the bitterness, dunno.

I was told that alot of people I was posting that I missed were over here calling me stupid for still being at MMAC. Nice. Fuck You too.
I read that the REAL friendships all exchanged emails so they can join up somewhere else later.
So I guess I have to say goodbye to my fake efriends who I through were real efriends.

Hollyholy said...

So what are you saying, Abster?
That they played you for a fool?

Anonymous said...

No way Abster...betrayed by your efriends at mmac? Who would have seen that coming.