George and Cindy Anthony say that Casey is "presumed innocent".


George and Cindy are on a media tour to try to improve Casey's image. It's not working. When Cindy is asked about the decomposition smell in the car, you can tell that she's about to unleash on the interviewer, but she catches herself and then turns to Brad Conway to intervene.

George is a slightly sympathetic creature though.

I rate their effort to improve Casey's image a big fat FAIL. What do you think?


Hollyholy said...

There's nothing anyone can do to improve Casey's image. They are deluding themselves. I wonder if Casey realizes how lucky she is to have parents who steadfastly support her, in light of the all the evidence that points to her as Caylee's murderer.

Honey said...

Not a good idea to go on T.V. right now if you ask me, but nobody has asked so....
I sensed a little bit of realization here though. Cindy said Casey is "presumed innocent" she didn't say she was innocent.
DUH..she is guilty as sin.

Anonymous said...

I was VERY glad to see that Oprah cancelled their "exclusive first time interview since Caylee's remains were found". I think G&C Anthony made a BIG mistake in appearing on this show. Stupid but like mother, like daughter. STFU now Anthony's and let the legal system do their job.

Anonymous said...

They just need to STFU already. Everytime they open their mouths they hurt her image more.

I just don't get them. They can just admit what she did and still love her. It is more of a power issue than a love issue to me. Cindy can't admit that she was wrong. She is still fighting with Casey in a wow. Casey did everything but write "guilty" on her own forehead, and Cindy STILL won't admit she did something wrong.

Apple said...

I think the smartest one in the bunch is Cindy's mom.

She said, "Casey hated Cindy more than she loved Caylee."

And wow Cindy is looking baaaadddd.

Hollyholy said...

It's painfully obvious that the DP has all the A's running scared.
Their media blitz, just isn't going to help, and their bitch daughter sill doesn't give them the time of day.

Anonymous said...

In all honesty, tho, how would ANY of women 50 or over look after the dramatic months they have spent? I don't like her but he appearance is certainly understandable in my opinion.