NOM NOM NOM Squirrel Melts

Squirrels. Not just chew toys anymore.


Hollyholy said...

Damn. Even i couldn't watch them that vidjyo.

Anonymous said...

OH!!! Hell NO!!! I purchase food for these little guys and feed them daily in my wooded backyard!!!

WTF is wrong with these rednecks? Sick, just sick!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I am glad I am didn't grow up hillbilly!

Anonymous said...


Mono banned me for speaking my mind. Hmmmmmm.

Wow. Gotta love that freedom of speech.

Want my name and address? Oh yeah, you already have it. Awesome!

I am so skeeeery!

LOL. Way to drive away your "donors."

Sorry I am not a puss. I wouldn't have known about this site if you hadn't called me out as a "contributor." Bring the pain, 411.

Fucking stupid dumbass inbred half-wits.

I am leaving the light on for ya...


Anonymous said...

Someone posted a thread about banning at MMAC, all those dumbfucks acted like banning WAS not going on!!

Such Denial!!

Anonymous said...

No worries Sherry...being banned from MMAC will save you trouble in the end...When the feds get done with their investigation I mean..

Anonymous said...

You can't speak your mind unless Mono and crew agress with what you're saying..DUH! LOL!
And once you donate he has your info and loves to ban then. The little freak. He needs an intervention, or a 10x10 cell.
And this video, what a bitch. Putting food out for animals then killing them, I hope she gets rabies!

Anonymous said...

I think you have to have a criminal record to qualify for membership there. They are even laughing about "The Downfall of MMAC" on the Topix boards.