SBD gets a couple of calls from Melton

SBD - rock on dude. Update us when he calls you again.

Watch SBD at BLOGTV.


Anonymous said...

The first one isn't working.

Brit said...

We thought he was fat... some thought skinny, Lol

But yes .. he has no fukin balls!


LMAO.... As you can see I am very SCARED of this guy. Like I said, he was rather entertaining today, I mean the day was kinda boring but he made me laugh. I was hoping he would have called me back once more but like I said, when he realized I was recording the calls, he hung up.

Brit said...

Must sux to be Mono right now... Lulz.

I feel sorry for the fucker actually. ;(

Anonymous said...

This is not the first time Monoxide has made death threats, and not the first time he has made a death threat against Short Bus Dude.

The death threat was made during the famous "fake suicide call" that is well known.

The first death threat to Short Bus Dude was made while Monoxide claimed to be someone else.

A lot of lies were spread, most had Monoxide either spreading the lies or helping others who created them.

Now after all these long months, the truth comes out. It is time for those who helped Monoxide to be exposed to the public as well.

Apple and Lindy said...

I am surprise he didn't use the voice changing thing. He usually does when he makes death threats.

Anonymous said...

Josh Melton is a scared little boy with a teensy tiny dick who hides behind middle-aged women, his mommy's huge skirt and being anonymous. What a worthless POS.

Hollyholy said...

Why do Apple and Lindy speak in the singular?
Are they one and the same?

Apple may just be surprised who Mono said she was.