Kentucky Fried Friday

Update. Membership at MMAC has dwindled to maybe six people. Monoxide is showing his sensitive side, discussing his mother's history of dating wife-beating losers.

I still think that there are some Oedipal problems there though. Who writes stories about fucking their mother?

Even though monoxide posted about child rape and threatened to knock a 14-year-old girl's teeth out to make oral sex better, women there are praising him for being such a good guy, a friend to women.

Some people never learn, I guess.


Anonymous said...

Good thinking Monoxide....hating does make you stronger.....SIMPLETON!!!!
Hopefully you will need that strength when you are bending over for the soap...in jail..

Anonymous said...

That poor woman has no clue. She can't be that gullible. Why in God's name would you ask advice of that kid?

I have no sympathy for those who are there now. It has hit rock bottom.

Anonymous said...

So, let's recap.

Mono laughed at WS and BH for taking donations.

Then the tool begs like a baby for money from his members, and "forgets" to pay his HostGator bill.

WTF did he spend the donations on, hookers and blow, LMFAO?

Anonymous said...

Enjoy your prison time, Josh.
You'll be surrounded by friends.
While your new friends are having their way with you, dream a little dream of me......

Sue Ellen Otis

Anonymous said...

Why after all this time has he changed his avatar? Hmmmmmm?

Anonymous said...

Opinion has not changed much of Mono, but I do like the Buckethead Avatar.

So...I guess props on that.

Anonymous said...

Good Grief! Abbie is asking this fucking pedo about advice? She should lay off the weed for a little while.
The people left at MMAC are ALL guilty of contributing to threats on the innocence of a little girl, they are ALL sick and twisted fucks. Some are mothers even grandmothers so they say.
It's a shame they are involved in this mess, but they were warned, they even saw it with their own eyes. They just don't care. We know now what MMAC stands for.
Fucking pedos, and hate group that is all.

Anonymous said...

Mono begs for donation money.

He allows personal info to be posted, along with invitations to members to harrass former members.

He bans members who don't agree with these practices, then hijacks their hats to fuck with his remaining members, all 3 of them.

He uses this personal info to call amd threaten former members.

He posts child porn all over the web.

He allowed a child's name and address to be posted for the purpose of threatening this child with rape and violence.

Good thing he does this stuff on the net. Nothing ever really gets deleted, does it?

Zia said...

This blog must be having an effect on little Joshy. He is no longer Charles Starkweather. Now he looks like some shit-eating leprachaun with bad hair. Can't wait until the big men in the blue uniforms cart you off to jail. Buh-bye Joshy.

Anonymous said...

Abbie, honey, you need to run fast and don't look back. You always seemed like a good decent person.