Who is Monoxide of MMAC?


Name: Joshua Wxxxx Melton

DOB: March x, 1987
Kentucky address: xxx Cherokee Hills, Hazard, KY.
Florida Address: 38122 Frank St., Lady Lake, FL.

Last known phone: 606-233-3xxx
Other phone: (606) 436-2xxx

Internet presence:

IP address:
IP city: Knoxville, TN
created 05/30/2008

(that went over like a lead zeppelin didnt it son?)

Identity: jmelton
Location: Knoxville, TN
Member since: 02/10/2008

mirc chat Identity: MonoxideMMAC
identity: Monoxide

Identity: Josh_Melton

Identity at various forums across the net: monoxide1717


Parents: Bxxxx Jxxx Helton Melton and Wxxxxxx Melton Jr.
Married 1982 Divorced 1999
Age at Divorce: Mother - 32 ; Father - 34

Mother remarried: Jxxx Exxx Sandham
Divorced: 1999
Reason: Domestic violence

Mother's occupation: Licensed Practical Nurse (TN registration)

Sibling: Wxxxxxx Melton III
DOB: September 16, 198x

Father remarried:
1) Lxxx Brashears 1999 Divorced 2001
2) Cxxxxxx G. Combs 2001 Still married

Stepsiblings (cute kids too):

Dxxxxx Jakob Melton 2003/xx/18
Kxxxxxxx Danielle Melton 2005/xx/14

Monoxide tries to hide his website data now behind some offshore registration company, but theres a handy tool out there he forgot about.
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This is the end of our first report on Joshua W. Melton. We saved some more for when we feel like monkeying around again. Might be tonight or tommorow or never. In the mean time Melton, you want to mix it up its all for the lulz well this begins your payback.



WOW is that his phone number I see there? Wonder if he likes getting prank calls in the middle of the night? LMAO

Anonymous said...

Dude, don't call in the middle of the night, that's the only time he's awake. Call between 9 and 5. He doesn't have a discernable job and sleeps then.

Someone Who Knows said...

Short Bus Dude, Josh sleeps his crank hangover and doesnt get up until dark thirty.

Anonymous said...

Deny Josh the lulz. Dont call. He gets off on it. Such an immature baby. So much fun to jack others around but not when its him on the receiving end. Watch him play his mmac members against each other so he can lulz them when they rip each other apart. His forum is a joke. He duznt care about anyone but himself.