Monoxide's Bedtime Story

Monoxide wrote this bedtime story for his sick members to read. It was passed to me through my email today. If you've got something about Monoxide that you want published here send me an email at monoxide411@gmail.com. I will not respond to you but I will read your email and decide if it is something that belongs here.

This is what entertains the dickless assholes and hags over at MMAC, from March 25 2009:

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A Bedtime Story

You wake up in the middle of the night with your female laying beside of you. You chance over and quickly become aroused. As you reach over and grab her breast you instantly become erect. The female wakes up and begins rubbing your erect p***s. You begin licking and fingering her p***y to get it wet and ready. You finally penetrate her wet p***y with your fully erect p***s. You insert a small portion of your index finger in her a**h*** while you roughly pound her tight p***y. Finally you are on the verge of c*****g. You pull your finger out of her a**h*** and stick it in her mouth just as you c** inside of her. After a few moments you roll over and close your eyes."

Goodnight mom." you whisper right before you fall asleep.


How did his members react to this sickness?

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Mono... what a heart warming family story. I felt like I was watching an episode of The Waltons. hahahahahahahagoodnight, johnboy

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whatta lovely story..... you need visuals though dude

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tell us more daddy.

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It took some time and experimentation to come up with. hehe


I hear that all of these women are mothers and they're laughing about incest and molestation. O_o



I was told by a member over there at MMAC,"iluvmypom", that this was a funny joke. Excuse me but I don't see the humor in this so called bedtime story.

Hollyholy said...

I bet his mother will be so proud of her little JW.

One Of His Victims said...

Short Bus Dude, the jokes over there are always sick. The thrive on that. iluvemypom is one of Josh's boot licker. Whatever trips their trigger is okay by me, just quit spreading all over the net. We are tired of Josh Meltons shit in our chat rooms. The guys a 22 year old creep.

Anonymous said...

That's tame to what I hear is shared in Josh's private forum at MMAC. He, his sister wives and other favorites share all sorts of perverted sexual fantasies. And for the very special few, they disect the stories of the rest of them and laugh their asses off. Josh's gang-bangers are a heartless, ugly group of bitches.