Monoxide is erasing any mention of 411 & sisterwives are pledging loyalty.

Today monoxide is deleting all links and references to our 411 blog as soon as they show up, all the while saying that the blog doesnt matter to him.

monoxide> "I honestly wouldn't spend thirty seconds tracking down a grade A piece of shit like myself. For people to sit around and sleuth somebody out all day long......man you gotta have a pathetic life amirite?"......"I'd like to put this and these people behind us. We are important to them. They are not important to us. We don't need them. They need us."

Typical sisterwife response to ease monoxides nerves:

ABBIE> "people want to bring you down will go to all kinds of lengths to find you and discredit you. I really DON'T want to know anything about you, that ruins half the fun of this. I have to picture you in my mind as Charles (Starkweather. She'd rather see monoxide as a serial killer than who he really is. That says alot, no?) . I find it much more intriguing that way. Some people have to put a pickle in the ice cream every time."

Then abbie, you need to stay away from this blog because a pix of monoxide will be posted in the next day or two and I can tell you that he looks nothing like Starkweather and a lot like the playground wimp that everyone picked on.

Get ready to mix it up, readers, its gonna get real good real fast.


Hollyholy said...

You have outdone yourself, 411. I take it that picture represents Monoxide and his sisterwives. I'm glad you didn't use the "Big Love" cast because they are way too good looking.

Mike said...

Hell Yah, don't make it too good too fast, I want Josh to keep shitting his hillbilly britches.

Love this blog. I check it constantly. I am sending out the link as fast as I can.

Whoever you are XXXOOO


This is getting better and better everyday. I can't wait for the big ball to drop. GREAT JOB HERE!

Anonymous said...

I am a victim of this idiot. I intend to use all legal tools at my disposal to bring him down. In the words of his favorite group. "I do not forgive, I never forget."

Watch your back, Mono, it is my turn for the Lulz.

Anonymous said...

I also am persuing legal means to make him pay if I can find out exactly where he lives. From your blog so far I know he is Joshua Wayne Melton and he probably lives in Knoxville TN. Can you be more specific? Last summer he said that he is on house arrest. Is this true or just another one of his lies? I did a background search and it looks like he lives in an low-rent appartment complex off if the 75 in Knoxville.

If you or anyone who reads the blog will answer my questions, thank you.

Anonymous said...

I reported his site to vBulletin this morning. He is in violation of all his terms. Including trolling of his members.

Heads up to Monotards, everyone posting last night were all impersonated. Again a violation of TOS. Chloroform Casey and Monoxide were using hats from members that left to hurt and anger the other one's that left before this shit storm.

Chloroform Casey, you do know Mono is Britfag in chat right? Well you do now. What a fool you are.

And to the rest of you Monotards, heads up! The Real Princess was in fact Websleuths very own Pedo's sister Tinkerbell.

LULZ right?

Brit said...

As far as i know Mono never impersonated me in chat.

But hell.... anything goes with Mono!

Mike said...

Okay so he trolls his own chat. I think the sick part is that when he is doing it he posts child pornography and spouts out sick racial slurs. Josh Melton is an ass.

Anonymous said...

Mono trolls everyone. E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e. This is a long-standing problem at his site. He also has secret forums from which to harass and demean his members. Anyone who ever posted there needs to delete pictures and take any personal information off his site asap. He is just as bad as the admin at Websluths.