Ladies, open your purses. Murt has a new idea. ($$$$$)

Murt decided to fix up his motor home and take his gig full-time on the road nationally to follow crime cases. While people in Orlando are used to his insanity, in other areas of the country he might get 5150'd or arrested for stalking.

Here's Murt's blog entry from a few minutes ago:

I had thought of using it as an office for my site sales but decided against it as it is a real pain to set up and keep moving around. Then came my decision that has determined a new turning point in attempting to continue my broadcasts. I have decided to FULL TIME with MURTHOME ONE AND MURTWITNESSONE.COM NEWS VAN. When and if I can get things set up, I will take to the road for extended trips of several months or so, following cases nationaly. In this way I will no longer be restricted to the State of Florida when doing my live broadcasts covering cases and other events that may be of interest. The one advantage of owning a turn key buisness is that I do not have to be there full time. If this project works out, I may be able to meet some of my roof riders in person.

(And Murt, since you're stealing my content and putting it on your blog as if you authored it, I don't think you'll mind me focusing on you for a day or two, asshole.)


Anonymous said...

That motorhome/tourbus would sell used in the 300-700k range.

I call total foul - not a chance in hell Murt owns that. I challenged him to post more pics or video of it on his blog. Was ignored.

He did answer the question "do you like fish sticks". Anyone who watches S. Park knows what that means.

Anonymous said...

LMAO funny stuff, that darned Murt!

Another nutjob!

Anonymous said...

Let it rip 411! I didn't know Murt was still up the the same old shit. Is Princess still on his case?

Anonymous said...

I read this, My house is in foreclosure and I need a reason to live in my pos camper.